About Us

"From One, To Two"

JJOYIS was a brainchild of mine back in 2015. I wanted to provide a platform of honest, useful reviews on beauty, skincare and make up for anyone out there. Slowly, JJOYIS covered food, interesting places during travel and around Singapore. Occasional updates on my life are rare but you will see them once in a while. When inspiration comes knocking, expect a DIY/home project!

However, this space has not been getting the attention it should have. Was it really time to go? Did that passion burned out, that vision died?

The additional 'J' was an honest mistake - it was meant to be Joyis - however, the same 'mistake' gave this place a second chance, a better one. May I introduce a new partner to manage this with me: Jovee!

Nothing is by accident, everything happened for a reason.

P/S, don't you think the logo is an ingenious design?

- signing off


Who are we?


Hi, I am Joy (@Jielinnnx33)

I graduated from Nanyang Technological University, Chemistry faculty. The end of University education means the end of my student life, well at least for now. I am a certified financial advisor, a budding toastmaster and a sister to my new recruit (see below).

Yes, we are blood-related.

 Yes hey! I am Jovee, the little sister of Joy's. I am a fresh graduate from NUS Psychology, and currently an aspiring SPED educator for young children. 

I lead quite an opposite life compared with my sister: I deal with young kids and children a lot, while she prefers older ones. I eat clean, more health-conscious and exercise (almost) daily. She, on the other hand, does not move unless necessary.

Hope these differences between us can help us in providing you wider perspectives and opinions!  

What is in it for you?

Created to provide honest feedback and reviews on beauty-related topics (makeup, skincare etc), recommendations on food and documentations of travel/adventures.

Feel free to drop us an email for any collaborations/sponsorships/testing/event invitations!

or just to say HI or if you have anything to ask!



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