Fort Canning Hotel (Deluxe Room) Staycation Review | Iconic heritage hotel in Singapore

 It has been 1 year since no leisure travel is allowed and we are getting bored in Singapore. Thus, we decided to play tourist in our own country and booked a staycation using Singapore Rediscover Vouchers (thanks govt!). 

fort canning hotel deluxe room review

Fort Canning Park Hotel (Deluxe Room)

Room Size: 30 - 35 Sqm
Breakfast: Breakfast included
Stay Period: Feb 2021, CNY Period
Hotel Facilities: Gym, dining, pool
Nearby: Fort Canning Park, Plaza Sing, The Cathay (malls)
Closest Train Station: Dhoby Ghaut Station
Check-in/Check-out time: 3 pm/ 12 pm
Price: $280/night
Star: 🌟
11 Canning Walk, Singapore 178881

Types of rooms available

rooms available in fort canning hotel

4 different rooms for you to choose from and all of them comes with a bathtub. The layouts are different so check out their floor plan on the website if you're keen to understand more. 

On top of that, there are 2 different suites too.

suites available in fort canning hotel

I like their renovation. 


fort canning hotel gym

Gym, pool and dining options. 
Didn't visit the pool during our stay. You need to book a slot before making your way to the gym/pool. 
I believe these facilities are enjoyed by both hotel guests and club members. There are some massage chairs outside the gym but we didn't try them. The gym is very large and well-equipped.


fort canning hotel location

It is located on Fort Canning Hill yet it is still a stone's throw away from the malls (The Cathay, Plaza Sing). I like how conveniently located Fort Canning Hotel is but it is far enough for you to enjoy the peace and quiet. 

Deluxe Room (Staycation Review)

The building is only 2 or 3 storeys tall I believe. Our room is located on the second floor, corner unit. 

It comes with a good king size bed, 4 pillows and 2 small deco pillows. The bed is comfortable. 

On the side, there is a full side wardrobe. 

safe ironing board iron fort canning hotel deluxe room review

Inside, you can find things like a safe, ironing board and iron, torchlight and disposable hotel slippers. 

hotel slippers shoe polish fort canning hotel

They also provide shoe polish - this is not common in most hotels.

There are ample power points around the room and you can find USB ports too. 
The TV is wall mounted with channels such as FOX movies. At least there are decent channels available but I really hope hotels can consider changing to smart TVs. It will be much nicer if we can screen our own shows/movies/Netflix you know. 

coffee machine fort canning hotel

The room also comes with a coffee machine and tea from TWG. 

digital switch fort canning hotel

Controls of the room are digitalised - the lights, air-conditioning and blinds can be adjusted using this system. I love digital switch panels because I don't have to walk around to figure out which switch to off at night. 

The air-conditioning in our room wasn't strong despite reducing the temperature to the lowest. Took a long time for the room to cool down (And by long I mean around 2 - 3 am?)

There is an alarm clock at the side too. 

alarm digital fort canning hotel

Can use it to charge your phone and sync your music.

As we stayed during the COVID and CNY period, the hotel was thoughtful enough to prepare small gifts for their guests.

care pack fort canning hotel

We had care packs containing a mask, hand sanitiser and disposable wet wipes. This is so helpful because I am still not used to packing an additional mask in my bag.

cny pack fort canning hotel

CNY goodie bag had mandarin oranges and ang bao. 

The bathroom is probably the main highlight of the room. 

open concept toilet fort canning hotel

I especially love how much natural light you get when you pull the blinds up. There's a small standing mirror (double-sided), weighing scale, toiletries and waste bin.

rain shower hotel fort canning

On one end of the bathroom, you have a rain shower and a toilet bowl.

Hotel Fort Canning combines aesthetics with functionality. 

marble tiles toilet fort canning hotel

Marble-looking (or maybe marble tiles) can be really slippery when they are wet. Hence, there's an additional layer of tiles with a smaller cut to increase friction. 

On the other end, you have a standalone bathtub. 

standing bathtub hotel fort canning singaporestanding bathtub hotel fort canning singapore

I prefer stand-alone bathtubs any day. My number one pet peeve is to have a combined shower/bathtub area. 



Toiletries as shown. 

Breakfast wasn't great considering the standards of the hotel and room. Hope they can look into improving food standards one day!

Something puzzled us a lot - we were given 1 exit pass (1-time use) hence we paid for parking when we had to drive out for dinner. Wanted to save it for the overnight car park fees but in the end, it was complimentary. We didn't even need to use the exit pass lol. I guess this can be more clearly communicated to the guests in the future.

singapore staycation review hotel fort canning

Before we left, we took some time to walk around Hotel Fort Canning. I am impressed at how they managed to preserve the heritage of this place while making it comfortable for guests.
This is truly an oasis in the city. You're far in nature yet close enough to civilisation. 
I truly enjoyed my time in HFC and hope to be back one day.

Would you stay here?

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Comfort: 4.5/5
Cleanliness: 5/5
Value for money: 4.5/5
Design of room/hotel premise: 4.5/5
Room Facilities: 4.5/5
Hotel Facilities: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Breakfast: 3/5
Location: 4/5
Safety: 5/5
Suitable for: Couples, families, business trips, staycations

Things worth mentioning:
- Location is convenient
- Clean and comfortable
- Standalone bathtub and shower
- 5 stars standard hotel 

Rating: 9/10
Will revisit again

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