Review: Bifesta BrightUp Cleansing Sheets

Be it travelling, stayovers or staycations, never forget to remove your make up. Taking care of your skin starts with a good cleaning routine. I know it is troublesome to bring along so many products so I am constantly searching for things convenient to replace some of my skincare items. 

Today, I will be reviewing Bifesta Cleansing sheets - they come in large packs and smaller, travel-friendly 10-pieces pack as well. 

bifesta cleansing sheet review

Bifesta Brightup Cleansing Sheets

What: Makeup cleansing wipes
Suitable for: All skin types, even sensitive skin
Pieces: 46/pack
Scent: Scented
Made in: Japan
Price: $14.50
Where to get: Any leading drugstores/departmental stores or online shopping platforms




For basic makeup removal. Contains Vitamin C and AHA to slough off dead skin cells.
Brightens dull skin and improves skin clarity


Metal foil alike packaging with a resealable plastic lid. The inner sealing has to be torn off before use.

bifesta cleansing sheet review

So glad more and more companies are using this type of lid; it really helps to keep the sheets moist for a longer period of time. Can be quite bulky to travel with but not to worry, Bifesta cleansing sheets come in packs of 10 as well.

bifesta cleansing sheet review sheet texture

This is how the sheet looks like close up. A little rough on the skin but still very acceptable. 


Smells like alcohol

Removal Power

Works well for basic makeup except for waterproof mascara. They have another series made specifically for the removal of waterproof makeup. I will try it out and write a post on it soon. 


bifesta cleansing sheet review test swatch
Eyebrow - Sasatinnie Eyebrow Pencil (Brown)
Eyeliner -   K-Palette 1-day tattoo 24H (Black)
BB cream - Nature Republic Eco BB Cream
Concealer - The Saem Cover Perfection Tip Concealer (Medium 1.5)

Most of the products I am using now are rather easy to remove except (you guessed it) Heroine Make mascara

1st wipe: 

bifesta cleansing sheet review test try

Removed a lot of products.

After going in a few more times:

bifesta cleansing sheet review test swatch

There, 90% clean. Not surprised the mascara stayed. Not many can remove it easily so I still prefer to go in with an oil-based eye makeup remover. 


This was how much that was left on my skin. Cleansed using Nivea Micellar Cleansing water and an oil-based eye makeup remover (discontinued)

bifesta cleansing sheet review cleansing power

I will wash with a regular facial cleanser to get rid of all the grim left on the skin. No tight or uncomfortable feeling after use. Didn't notice any brightening effect as claimed too. 


Many makeup wipes contain alcohol and it is the same for Bifesta's too. I am a little concerned as alcohol is the second ingredient on the list. This can mean irritation/stinging or dryness to people with more sensitive skin. I don't have any issue using them though.

Most of the ingredients listed are friendly to the skin. 


bifesta cleansing sheet review good?

Makeup wipes aren't great for daily use. They usually contain harsher ingredients and the act of dragging the sheet across your face regularly can cause pre-mature ageing. Nonetheless, they are still essential in my life especially during travels or even gym visits.

Generally, Bifesta does its job well and it can remove most of the makeup. However, a separate oil-based makeup remover is required for waterproof eye/lip makeup. This defeats its sole purpose in my point of view - aka convenience. Honestly, this is great for people with basic/simple makeup but with anything super waterproof, nope.

The packaging allows the sheets to stay moist for a long period of time. The sheets are large and very durable for use.

I am fine with the ingredients but I don't really fancy the smell.

- Can remove most makeup
- Small packs convenient to carry around
- Lid to prevent sheets from drying out
- Large cleansing sheet

- Strong alcohol smell
- Not good in removing waterproof makeup 

Packaging: 5/5
Sheet material: 5/5
Cleansing power: 3.5/5
Scent: 2/5
Ingredient list: 3.5/5 
Convenience: 3/5
Value-for-money: 4/5

Rating: 7/10
Will consider before buying

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