Koka Baked Multi-Grain Baked Instant Noodles (Five Spiced Duck Flavour) Taste Test

Marketed as a healthier and halal cup noodles, this baked KOKA noodles caught my attention since it was launched. 

koka multigrain baked instant noodles review

KOKA Baked Multigrain Noodles (with Purple Corn)

Flavour: Five spicies duck flavour
Halal certified
Net weight: 65g
Price: ~$2.20
Where to get: Supermarkets (Fairprice), Online platforms (Shopee, Lazada, Qoo10, Amazon)

Selling points

koka multigrain baked instant noodles review


koka multigrain baked instant noodles review ingredients


There are three seasoning packets (seasoning powder, seasoning oil and dried vegetables), a fork and noodles. The serving looks small. 

baked multigrain instant noodles koka review

The vegetables after soaking in hot water.

baked multigrain instant noodles koka review

Nutritional value per pack

baked multigrain instant noodles koka review food label


Made of cardboard/paper-like material. It didn't break but definitely not as sturdy as plastic. Nonetheless, if this is more environmental-friendly, I am fine with it. After all, instant noodles are one-time use products. 

instructions baked multigrain instant noodles koka review
The cooking instructions recommended for best taste. 


The baked multigrain noodles taste... like your typical wholegrain food. It doesn't really have much of a taste. As it doesn't absorb water that well, it does not become soggy even if you accidentally leave this for too long. 

Don't expect the springy, chewy texture in some instant noodles too. 


The flavours Koka chose to develop are very popular among people now - Hot Mala Tofu and Pepper Crab. I have also tried Hot mala tofu as well and it didn't turn out as I wished. There was very mild spice/ma la taste to it, i.e. there are very little depth to the noodles. 


I am quite a big fan of duck flavoured noodles but Koka duck flavoured noodles did not deliver up to standard. 
The flavour is light despite putting in the whole pack of seasoning and the soup is a little oily.
The noodles doesn't really go well with the soup, I supposed it's because that it's multigrain, it didn't really absorb the flavour of the soup/seasoning. Much like eating plain wholegrain noodles + drinking a slightly duck flavoured soup separately. 

Healthier choice? 

Indeed, it feels healthier compared to your regular cup noodles as the noodles are baked instead. But, how healthy is it still after adding all the seasonings is up to your discretion. 

The healthier choice label is awarded as it contains higher in multigrains. 

Final words

All in all, I am very sad to say Koka baked instant noodles did not perform up to expectations. The baked noodles made this instant option slightly healthier but that's really only slightly.

The flavour from the soup base lacks depth and aroma; and it is not well absorbed by the multi-grain noodles. 

I really wish this would taste good because it is always good to have a healthier, quick dinner when you are feeling lazy or in a rush. 

It is also quite small in serving. 1 cup wasn't sufficient as a meal for me.. I am sure I won't be the only one 😅


- Marketed as healthier choice
- Won't get soggy noodles 


- Noodles does not bring out the flavour well
 - Contents quite little

Packaging: 3/5
Flavour: 1/5 
Serving size: 2/5
Options available: 3.5/5
Noodle Texture: 3/5
Value-for-money: 2/5 

Rating: 3/10 
Does not really stand out to us. Will not repurchase.

Let me know if you have anything you wish we'd try or any good recommendations! 


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