Review: Boots Cucumber Moisturising Lotion

Boots cucumber series were all over the shelves during my visit to Boots, Thailand, and I saw many tourists sweeping them home as gifts/personal use so I had to get a set to try as well. 
They have been sitting in my drawer for the longest time and I am finally testing one out. 

Boots Cucumber Moisturising Lotion

What: Facial moisturiser/Body moisturiser
For: Face/Body
Scent: Faint smell of cucumber
Texture: Lotion
Made in: Thailand
Price: - (Cannot remember)
Where to buy: Boots Thailand/Boots outlets worldwide


- Gently soften skin
- Moisturise


The product is packed in a 150 mL lotion bottle with a snap cap. It feels more like a body lotion packaging than a facial lotion but I can't complain as the price is low. Cap and bottle are sturdy enough and the bottle is soft so that you can squeeze out the lotion. Honestly, I hate the packaging because it is quite hard to use. I can already foresee all the flicking it takes to bring the product out. 


Maybe I got it too long ago, it looks lumpy and dry when I first squeeze the product out of the bottle (think milk curd). 

However, upon spreading it out, the lotion glides on my skin very easily.

On skin 

One, it spreads out like lotion and absorbs into my skin rather quickly. Two, once it is fully absorbed, there is no sticky/oily feeling on your skin. That surprised me because, given the consistency, I thought it will feel heavy on my skin. It feels just like I didn't apply anything on my skin! It can look a little dewy as time goes by especially for people with oily skin. 

Hydrating power

It is decent. 

Jov enjoys this - according to her, it makes her skin soft and the pores seem less obvious. Maybe my skin is older so something so fundamental doesn't do much anymore 😞


The scent is pretty strong. Does it smell like cucumber? I don't know but it's not bad. You may not like it if you're sensitive to scents.


Boots moisturising lotion has some great ingredients like glycerin. However, it is also followed with a long list of chemicals such as fragrance, preservatives and colouring. Cucumber (the advertised ingredient) is low in concentration. 

Also, it is formulated with mineral oil, a controversial ingredient. Hence, take note if you avoid petroleum-derived products. 


Boots cucumber moisturising lotion feels light on skin (which is great). It helps to hydrate and restore moisture. I didn't break out or feel dry while I am using this. It is decent as a product but it is just not what I am looking for now. As mentioned, Jov enjoys this more than I do. She finds that this helps to moisturise and soften her skin. Pores became less obvious after using it for some time.

The ingredients aren't the best and I find Boots cucumber lotion quite heavily scented. I don't mind but I thought I will point it out here, just in case you do. It may not be enough for people with dry skin and it can look oily/dewy for people with oily skin. It will work better for people with stable skin type and neutral skin conditions. 


- Light on skin
- Absorbs quickly
- Non-oily/sticky
- Decent hydrating power
- Does not cause breakouts
- Nice scent


- Contains preservatives, fragrance and mineral oils
- Mediocre/basic skincare
- Poor packaging 

Packaging: 2/5
Scent: 3/5
Consistency: 3/5
Hydrating power: 3.5/5
Absorption: 5/5
Feeling on skin: 4/5
Value-for-money: 3/5

Rating: 7/10 (Joy - 6/10, Jov - 8/10) 
Average, will not repurchase

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