Get rid of chin hormonal acne with Kordel's Evening Primrose Oil

Hormonal acne is often found around the chin and jawline. I never had breakouts so consistently (around the same spot and same period of time) so I took a while to manage. Initially, I thought it was like any regular pimples so I treated them with Mia pimple patches. It was good for a while until they started coming out as 'blind' pimples. 

Blind pimples are pimples that developed deep under the skin surface and they do not have a 'head'. They take super long to heal and worst of all, it can be painful to touch. This is because the inflammation is so deep and it can be close to your nerves. 

It was really frustrating because my skin generally takes 2 weeks or so for acne like that to subside; and not long after another one pops up.

I was desperate to find something that works and I chanced upon this. 

kordel evening primrose oil hormonal chin acne cure treatment
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This was what I found in the gallery.

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Benefits of Kordel's evening primrose oil (EPO)

There are many benefits of EPO, here are a few:
1. Helps clear acne
2. Better skin
3. Manage PMS symptoms 
4. Reduce high blood pressure

You can read more about the benefits from healthline website.

Personally, I consider EPO very helpful for my hormonal acne around my chin. Whenever I have a blind pimple, I will take one. Instead of taking 2 weeks or more to heal, I realised the acne went away in a matter of days! 

Then, I started taking them when I feel that a spot is breaking through and it helped to prevent breakouts. Ever since after (about 1 month+ ago), I started taking Kordel's EPO daily and I never have this issue anymore.

Side effects 

Side effects are usually mild but in rare cases, EPO can cause an allergic reaction. If you have any of these symptoms:
1. Inflammation of hands and feet
2. Rash
3. Difficulty breathing 

Please stop consuming. 

For some people, you may experience:
1. Nausea
2. Dizziness
3. Stomach upset

Monitor your condition, stop taking and seek medical advice if necessary.

Who is it for

This is gender-neutral but I've seen a lot of women benefiting from EPO. 
As EPO may increase bleeding or lower blood pressure, it is advisable not to consume this together with blood thinners/blood pressure medications. 

Also, stop your dosage 2 weeks before any planned surgery /delivery. 

There isn't enough research to conclude whether EPO is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding ladies so it is safer not to take if you fall in any of these two categories. 


You can take 1 - 3 pills daily after meal. 

I usually take 1 as and when I like, before or after meals. I don't feel that there's a significant difference. 
It is not recommended to take daily for more than a year though. Just take a break when you've been consuming EPO for a year. 


Encased in a soft gel, the pill is not too big thus easy to swallow. They will turn soft if you leave it outside for a period of time. Because of that, I prefer to keep my evening primrose oil in the fridge. 


Thank goodness there's no taste or scent. If you have taken fish oil supplement before, you will understand why I am a little afraid of oil capsules. 

Easy on stomach

This supplement is very easy on my digestive system. Trust me, this is very crucial. I had a bad 'reaction' with another supplement (another type and brand) and it was terrible. My stomach was queasy for a long time and it tasted really bad too. Not for Kordel's,

Added Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known to be great for your skin and it supports your immune system. If you are looking for something that works specifically for the skin, I would recommend you to check out collagen. I have tried and shared my experience on Meiji Collagen Powder - it really worked well for me. 


morsel evening primrose oil review hormonal chin acne cure treatment

Generally, I avoid recommending any supplement/vitamins as they are very subjective. Please take the recommendation with a pinch of salt and listen to your body. I just wanted to share my experience with you and hopefully, this post can provide some insights to people who are dealing with hormonal acne around their jawline/chin. It is a long and tiring battle so perhaps Kordel's evening primrose oil can help you like how it helped me too. 

I have stocked up close to a year of supply in my pantry because I cannot imagine life without it anymore. 

I also heard that this is great for PMS or menstrual symptoms. Share with me your thoughts in the comment section below if it works well for you too! 


- Easy to swallow
- No taste/smell
- Better skin
- Helps with inflammation
- Easy on stomach


- Cannot consume consecutively long term (a year)

Rating: 9.5/10
Will repurchase

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