Taste test! Wei Long Mo Yu Shuang (Xiang La) 卫龙魔芋爽香辣试味

Mo yu shuang (Konjac jelly snack) 

Per pack: 12 pieces
Weight: 180g
Flavour: Red Spicy
Shelf life: 6 months
Storage instructions: Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight
Made in: China
Price: $6.50
Where to get: Online platforms (Shopee, Caurosell, Amazon) 


Drinking water, konjac flour, starch, vegetable oil (oily compound seasoning), chili red oil, salt, solid compound seasoning, pickled pepper, ginger, soy protein isolate, edible flavors, sodium lactate, lactic acid, glacial acetic acid, citric acid

Per pack

Energy - 50 kJ
Protein - 0.18 g
Fats - 0.81 g
Carbohydrates - 0.73 g
Dietary Fibre - 1.02 g
Sodium - 104 mg


This snack comes in small, individual packaging. It is small and flat; effortless to carry around. The packaging comes with an easy tear as well so it is very convenient to consume. 

The konjac jelly pieces in each pack are rather little, but still decent enough.


香辣 (Fragrant + Spicy) is really on point. The taste reminds me so much of good ma la xiang guo. Every piece of the konjac jelly is soaked in the sauce and it really gets you hooked on it. 

It comes with two other flavours as well - Green Sour and Spicy, and Orange Mala. 

Spicy level

Comparable to a xiao la ma la xiang guo. I don't find it very spicy. Note that spicy tolerance is different for different people.

Konjac jelly (texture)

It is shaped like sliced cow stomach/squid but don't worry, this is totally vegan/vegetarian-friendly. Honestly, I don't like it initially. I find the texture very weird (maybe because I haven't really tried konjac stuff before). But after a few days, I find myself reaching for this almost daily. 

Low calorie/healthy snack

Each pack is around 50kJ, or 12 cal, much lower than an apple. If you are to compare to snacks like fried food or potato chips, Mo Yu Shuang is definitely a healthier option. 
However, please don't see this as an alternative to healthy snacks like apples or fruits. The nutrition value is totally not on the same playing field.


The mala/seasoning is really very fragrant and each konjac jelly is well-coated. I like how convenient they are packaged - you can put a few in your bag and have them on the go (but it's not enough to fill you up, more like a small snack). I didn't like the texture of the konjac jelly initially but have come to accept it along the way. 

Good thing is that it is pretty low in calories so you don't have to feel so guilty having mo yu shuang as a snack. Good for people who are craving to have some mala yet are watching out for calories. The spicy level is just nice for me. Not forgetting that this is also vegan/vegetarian friendly.

The only thing is that this snack is rather pricey. Each small pack will work out to be around $0.50 and it's smaller than expected. 

I've purchased mine from a carousell store. Very friendly seller so you can check her out if you're thinking to try too.


- Great flavour
- Low-calorie snack
- Convenient packaging
- Vegan/vegetarian friendly 


- The texture needs getting used to 
- Contents quite little

Packaging: 5/5
Flavour: 5/5
Spicy level: 3/5
Texture: 3/5
Value-for-money: 2/5

Rating: 7/10
Joy likes it but Jov so so only. But probably will repurchase again if it is slightly cheaper for the same serving size. 

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