DIY nails with Nail Stickers

I hardly get my nails painted as they don't last very long. My nails are also very brittle and weak. Hence, I often avoid gel manicures as much as possible as they can be rather damaging even though they look so good and generally more long-lasting.

Finally gave nail stickers (or nail wrap) a try after seeing them around for the longest time. Will they really work? How would they turn out on my nails? Let's find out.

Nail Stickers/Wrap

What: Nail stickers
Suitable for: Anyone
Functions: Fuss-free pretty nails
Smell: Slightly rubbery/plastic 
Colour/Style: Varies according to the design you pick 
No. of pieces: 14 pieces/sheet
Price: ~$1
Where to purchase: Shopee (or any other online shopping platforms)

What you need:

how to stick nail stickers shopee
1. Nail stickers  
2. Topcoat
3. Nail file
4. Scissors (if necessary)



Before pasting, trim or file your nails to the way you like and make sure the surface of your nails are clean. You can use a nail polish remover to get rid of any residue or excess oil. 

Btw, I got my nail stickers sets from a shopee seller which came at <$1 each.

First, compare your nail to the stickers and choose the one that is the closest in size. 

compare nails to nail stickers

Then, carefully peel off the nail sticker and avoid touching the adhesive side. Bad demonstration in the video though! 

Third, centralise the nail sticker and once you are happy with where it is, press it down firmly. Push out any air bubbles (I didn't face any issue with this). Press and push the sticker onto your nail several times to make sure it is pasted well.

Next, fold the excess over your nail and file downwards. Use a light hand as you don't want to alter the shape of your nails or damage the nail sticker. Another tip is to avoid stretching or pulling the excess nail sticker as this can cause peeling/curling.

Optional, if the sticker is too big for your nail, you can cut off the excess with a pair of scissors.

trim off excess

I followed the shape as much as possible. 

Last, repeat for other fingers and seal them with a top/clear coat to increase their durability.  

Apply a top coat

Once it is fully dried, you're good to go! 


Roughly around a week before they started 'chipping', but can also stretch up to a week and a half or so. I did some light washing over the week and very minimal cooking. It is pretty impressive considering most of the regular nail polishes I used at home don't last >3 days. Can't compare to the durability of gel manicures of course.


Surprisingly super easy to remove. You can soak it in warm water before gently peeling them off. Doesn't damage my nails at all! Avoid peeling it without soaking first as it can strip off portions of your nails. Remove the excess glue with nail polish remover and file the surface for a smooth finish. You can also put on a layer of nail strengthener, just remove it before your next application. 


Stickers on nails? Fake or not?

I am sold. 

I saw some places retailing nail stickers at a much higher price. Wondering what differences would there be? I will write about them when I try it. Honestly, this is really not too bad at all. The application is straight forward and at such a low cost, you can achieve good-looking nails in ~ 10 minutes. You can probably do a much better job. 

This is actually quite useful for many people. Especially so if you have something important coming up the next day but you don't have time to visit a manicurist or when your job doesn't allow painted nails, or even if your nails are weak and brittle just like mine. Also, give your nails a day or two to rest in between strips.

I am just a little bit cautious about how they smelt. I will source for other options and update you guys if I find anything better!

- Easy to use
- Last around a week
- Little/No damage to nails
- Easy to remove
- Affordable

- The smell is a little strong but will go away after 1/2 days
- You need to do it yourself
- Not as long-lasting as salon work 

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