Review: YangSooBin Peach Cushion Tint (02 Delicious Pink)

YangSooBin Peach Cushion Tint (Peach)

What: Lip tint
Colour: 02 Delicious Pink
Finish: Glossy/Matte
Scent: Faint sweet scent
Size: 5 g
Made in: Korea
Price: ~$12 (290B)
Where to get: Playground, Big C Pratunam

Colours available:
Strawberry (red), Orange (orange), Peach (Pink)



Sponge tip applicator and you have to press the product out like a clicker-pen.

Colour options

Credit: Website

Only 3 for selection (red, orange and pink tones).

Chose the one in bright pink just because I have too many orangey/red shades. I didn't like how the pink turns out for me. To be fair, this colour will probably look great on lighter skin tone. It is for cool skin tone. Should have opted for the other two shades instead. Nothing wrong with the colour; it just doesn't suit me.

On lips

Lasting power is alright, not something that stays put after drinking/eating. You still have to touch up after food. Average stain power. I feel this is pretty similar to oil-in-tint as you will have a layer of 'gloss/oil' sitting on your lips after application. Give it some time and once it is fully absorbed, your lips will feel soft and moisturised. If you don't like that, don't press too much product out at once.


Pretty moisturising, that is you can apply throughout the day without having to worry about your lips drying out. This cushion tint does not accentuate fine lines too.

However, if you have peeling lips, don't use this as it can emphasise the dead skin.


More sheer/natural. It gives my natural lip colour a pop of colour and health. Despite the sheerness of this lip tint, it can cover my original lip colour well.


Nothing unpleasant.


Really sweet-smelling yet not too overpowering. If you are not so sure about scented products, you may want to give this a miss.


There's no need for much effort and as the colour is rather sheer, you don't have to worry about drawing out of your lips. Can use to touch up lips easily even without a mirror. Good for days when you want to go very natural looking.

You can press the button at the top to release more product.


Easy to remove even with micellar water.


This is an oil-in-tint formula, so expect to feel that layer of oil on your lips after application. It is not shiny like you didn't wipe your mouth after a meal, don't worry. In fact, I really like how moisturising it is. After a while, the oil will be absorbed. Great for people looking for something natural (especially after it fades). I don't reach out to it as often as I like to and the main reason is the colour I bought.
Fair skin ladies - you may consider this! I feel the orange one suits fairer skin tone as well.

- Moisturising
- Affordably priced
- Easy to remove
- Convenient to touch up with this

- Average lasting power
- Limited colour options
- Oil takes some time to be absorbed

Lasting power: 2/5
Moisturising level: 4/5
Colour option: 2/5
Colour payoff: 4/5
Value-for-money: 4/5

Rating: 8/10 
Will consider repurchasing in other colour

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