Travel: Almond Nuts, Must Buy From Hanoi (Dong Xuan Market)

Recently, I came back from a 9-day vacation to Hanoi and food was one of the main highlights. I was constantly on a look-out for the things I can try while I strolled along the streets of Hanoi. Can you tell how much I love their food?!?! This is rather rare for me as I am always (subconsciously) counting my calorie intake.

Vietnam coffee is one of the common gifts people bring back when they are visiting. This is because Vietnam, after Brazil, is the second-largest coffee producer in the world. Hanoi is undoubtedly the coffee capital of Vietnam; you have shops selling various kinds of coffee.

What else is a must-buy (for me) when I'm in Hanoi/Vietnam?


hanoi vietnam must buy almond nuts dong xuan market review gift souvenir
Highlands speciality almond nuts (Hạt hạnh nhân đặc sản tây nguyên)

I got them from Dong Xuan Market (Hanoi)

Dong Xuan market

dong xuan market wholesale market hanoi vietnam place to visit
Credit: Vietnam guide

Dong Xuan Market is the largest indoor market in Hanoi and it is housed within a four-storey building. It is located in the Old Quarters. You can find a wide variety of goods selling at wholesale prices. Operating hours are from 6am to 6pm but by 5+pm, many shops were already closed. On Fri, Sat and Sun, the streets outside this building will turn into a lively night market.

I was casually walking around Dong Xuan Market (Chợ đồng Xuân) in hope of finding some cheap cashew nuts to bring home when I came across these almonds. Tasted a sample from the salesperson and it changed my mind instantly.

Do request to try their nuts before you make your purchase. Note that the nuts at different shops are not the same! I can't exactly pinpoint the particular store I bought these almonds from but it is a big store right beside the walkway leading into the building. Nonetheless, you can try around to see which one you like better!

Remember to BARGAIN! I got mine for 250,000vnd (~$15) for 1kg almonds including shells. We still have a big bottle of almonds after shelling. Not the cheapest but it tastes reallllyy good.

hanoi vietnam must buy shelled almond nuts dong xuan market review gift souvenir

TIP: Remove the shell only when you want to consume it! The nut gets 'sticky' when you leave it out for too long, especially so in a hot and humid country like Singapore. So, peel only when you want to eat it straight away to maintain the freshness. It is mildly sweet and has a milky/buttery taste to it. Very fragrant.

Cashews nuts (Hạt điều) and salted/sugared dried fruits (Ô mai) are some famous produce to look out for too.

hanoi vietnam must buy almond nuts dong xuan market review gift souvenir
What: Almond nuts with shells
Price: 350,000 vnd (~$21)
Size: 1kg
Where to buy: Dong Xuan Market, Hanoi
Address: Đồng Xuân, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi 100000, Vietnam
Operating hours: 6 am - 6 pm


Almond, salt, sugar, vegetable oil

Storage Instructions

Store in a dry place
Avoid the sun.

I highly recommend this almond nuts!

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