Streaks 'n Strokes, Art Jamming @ Taiseng

Art jamming with a twist? What does that mean?

Most studios offer canvas option for your art jamming sessions but come on, there's only so much space I have at home. Hence, when I heard about painting on T-shirts, tote bags or even shoes... let's go.

This is my second visit to Streaks 'n Strokes and I can see they have made a lot of improvement to provide a better jamming session!

After taking off your shoes and socks outside, you are first greeted with two very photogenic corners. 

streaks n strokes art jamming

streaks n strokes art jamming

Then you will have to make a choice on what item you want to paint on. They offer tote bags, Tshirts, drawstrings, canvas, shoes, and even a foldable travel bag! It took us some time to make a decision.

We decided to go with a shirt.

1. Choose a suitable size (there are adult, children and even infant options) and colour.

streaks n strokes art jamming t shirt size

2. Find a work station space. 

streaks n strokes table space

The table is spacious so you will have a good area to work on. 

3. Clip your Tshirt on the canvas

streaks n strokes blank t shirt

Flatten it out as much as possible. This will make it easier for you to draw on.

4. Materials are available at the side

streaks n strokes materials

They have everything you need - pencils, sketch pens, stencils, fabric paints, tapes etc. 

5. If you can't draw, they have peel 'n paint. 

streaks n strokes peel n paint

At the other side of the room, they provide templates for peel 'n paint. This is great for people who have little expertise in drawing/art or are new to art jamming. 
Furthermore, even little kids can have fun with these. 

streaks n strokes stencils

There are a lot of stencils to guide you too. 

The downside is that it can get rather stressful due to time limitations! I suggest doing some research beforehand so you have some ideas about what you want to paint. This can really help save some time. 

There are some refreshments provided. 
Feel free to bring your own food/drinks but remember to clean up after that. 

6. Outline with 'magic pen'. 

Streaks n strokes magic pen

The pink ink will disappear in about 3 days. If it is still there, just wash it off will do. 

7. Colour with fabric paint

painting streaks n strokes

The fabric paints are mixed by hand. There are suffice colours to work with and you can even mix up a variety of options with what's available. The colours can be a little difficult to mix. Play around with the paint to get your desired colour.

Don't colour too thickly if not it will not dry well. 

8. Blow-dry @ dryer stations 
Use dryers provided to dry your paint before layering stencils over or before sending it for heat press treatment.

9. Heat press to seal the paint
Once everything is done and well-dried, pass it to the staff and they will heat press your painting for you. This will ensure the paint will be more stable and last longer. 

1. Avoid washing for 3 days. Washing afterwards can remove the 'magic' pen ink that you drew wrongly.
2. Flip over if you are going to machine wash it 

End product! 

merry and milk between painting

Really love how it turned out! 


Exit from 18 Taiseng > walk towards the drop-off point of the building > walk towards C&K building > Natural Cool building

charles n keith taiseng

Don't enter via the lift of the lobby, walk further in towards the carpark and take this lift. 

old lift

Take this lift instead (it was under maintenance when I was there). There is a cargo lift beside. 

streaks n strokes painting


Streaks 'n Strokes is a great place for bonding with your plus one, friends or even little ones. You can conduct corporate bonding events or even parties there. I saw that they even offer catering services for your event, hit them up to find out more.

Streaks 'n Strokes

29 Tai Seng Avenue #06-09,
Natural Cool Lifestyle Hub,
Singapore 534119
Nearest MRT station: Taiseng MRT exit C
T: +65-8587 8884
Price: $29.90 per pax

Operating hours (Art Jamming sessions)
Saturdays: 10 am - 12 pm, 1 – 3 pm and 4 – 6 pm
Sundays: 4 – 6 pm

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