Review: Meiji Amino Collagen Premium (Before-After Photos!)

Does Collagen powder works?

I am always on the fence when it comes to collagen. They are fundamentally amino acids, a basic building block in our body. This essentially means you can get collagen from food.

I put Meiji Amino Collagen Premium Powder to a test.

meiji premium amino collagen review jjoyis before after

I took it religiously every night for a month.
I am not particular in the amount I consume - usually, I just use the same tiny spoon, mix 2-3 spoonful into the beverage of my choice and stir well. The serving size is probably around 7g or less.
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Meiji Amino Collagen Premium

What: Collagen powder, beauty supplement
Suitable for: Anyone
Size: 214g (1-month supply)
Taste: No obvious taste
Smell: No smell
Price: $49.90
Where to get: Guardian


Fish collagen peptide, maltodextrin, milk phospholipid extract (contains sphingomyelin), salmon nasal cartilage extract powder (contains proteoglycan), vegetable fats and oils, coenzyme Q10, processed ingredients derived from swallows’ nests, lychee seed extract powder, trehalose, glycine, cyclic oligosaccharide, vitamin C, arginine, glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, cystine, thickener (gum arabic), emulsifier, flavoring, sweetener (sucralose) (certain raw ingredients contain dairy products, orange, salmon, soybeans, and gelatin)

Nutritional Information (7g):

Energy - 27kcal
Protein - 5.3g
Fat - 0.08g
Carbohydrates - 1.3g
Sodium - 15mg
Vitamin C - 50mg
Collagen peptide - 5,000mg
Milk ceramide - 1200μg
Arginine - 450mg
Glucosamine - 60mg
Hyaluronic acid - 20mg
Coenzyme Q10 - 10mg

How to use:

Dissolve in a beverage of choice, I drink it every night before I sleep. It can be dissolved effectively in both cold or hot drinks.


There are two packaging options - can bottle (200g) and refill pack (214g). I picked the refill option because it is cheaper, larger in volume and more environmentally-friendly. I stored it in a plastic container. Not easy to carry around during travel or if you prefer to take this supplement on the go.


Looks alright but it is not vegetarian-friendly. People who are allergic to soybeans/dairy, please avoid this. It also contains gelatin. The collagen mainly comes from fish.


It does not smell fishy nor have any smell


Negligible. This is one of the most tasteless collagen I have ever tried. Doesn't even irk me when I dissolved it in water.


Didn't know there will be a day I can use this word outside chemistry questions hehe. This dissolves very well in both hot and iced drinks, leaving no undissolved lumps at the bottom of the cup.

Effect (Before-After photos)

Does Meiji collagen works? I believe this is the reason why many of you are here.
I tried searching for reviews on the effects of Meiji collagen powder, or collagen in general but I got very fuzzy information.

Let me answer this once and for all - Collagen works, at least for me.

This was my skin before collagen (Dry, clogged with scarring and pigmentation).

meiji premium collagen review before after skin

And after taking Meiji Collagen Premium diligently every night for a month...

meiji premium collagen review before after skin jjoyis
Close up of skin

Smooth, taut and moisturised skin.
The improvement was visible, I have never seen my skin so smooth except after facial treatments.

It does little to help with scarring/pigmentations. They have been on my skin for a long long time.
I am not expecting to see any changes anyway. This is a collagen product to help with skin rejuvenation, not some miracle product.

meiji premium collagen review before after skin does it work

I will continue to take this for the next 2 months; I will update again if there's anything!
Still in the quest for better skin, it was only around last year I learned to be comfortable heading out without foundation.


I am not new to collagen (wrote about another brand here) but I have never been so serious in taking them until this time around. And I am sold.
If you can't tell the difference, I don't know what to say anymore. My skin looks smoother and almost glowy now. It is taut and I noticed the dry lines on my forehead (something that was with me for a long long time) were gone!
My scars/healing process seems roughly the same still and it didn't work visibly for my freckles too.
Who knows what a few more months can do to them?

However, just by how it has improved my skin texture, I am sure Meiji Premium Collagen will be a staple. I will try to stretch out the frequency after 3 months just in case my body becomes reliant on it. Not sure whether that will happen or not but I just don't like the idea of taking something regularly or being dependent on something.
I am also exploring other alternatives, let me write about that soon!


- Visible results
- Smooth, taut after skin
- Dissolves well in hot and cold water; hassle-free
- Tasteless
- No weird smell
- Larger refill pack


- Refill pack does not come with a measuring spoon
- No visible improvement to scars/pigmentations after 1 month
- Not vegetarian-friendly
- Contains soybean/dairy/gelatin (allergens)

Taste: 4.5/5
Smell: 5/5
Effect: 4.5/5
Convenience: 4/5
Ingredients: 4.5/5

Rating: 10/10
Will repurchase

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  1. Hi. This revies is so helpful as I am curious in trying this product for a while now. So how is it going for you now? Do you still take it or does the effect wear out on you after some time? Thanks for writing the review!

  2. Hi. This revies is so helpful as I am curious in trying this product for a while now. So how is it going for you now? Do you still take it or does the effect wear out on you after some time? Thanks for writing the review!

    1. Glad this is helpful! I have been taking collagen quite reqularly since then. What I noticed is that the 'results' wears out if I stop consuming for a period of time. (eg 3-4 months). But it is definitely better than before I take it.
      I've been experimenting with different brands and so far I still feel this is one of the best