Review: Kocomei Milk Brightening Toner

I am pretty open to trying new brands/skincare, especially when #best seller or any sort of awards are tagged to them. Chanced upon Kocomei (I have not heard of them before this as well) while browsing Seoul playground in Big C Pratunam building, Bangkok.

Kocomei Milk Brightening Toner review

Kocomei Milk Brightening Toner

What: Toner
Suitable for: Sensitive skin,
Functions: Brightening, tone, moisturise
Size: 250 mL
Price: $21.90
Where to buy: online shopping platforms (Lazada, Qoo10, Shopee), Seoul Playground (Big C Pratunam)


1. Anti-aging
2. Moisturising
3. Trouble care


Cannot find

How I use:

1. Pour on one side of the cotton pad and use it as a cleansing toner
2. Pour on the other side of the same cotton pad, pat in all over my face

Pour on palms and pat directly into face
*Repeat if I feel like I need an additional boost


A very simple plastic container and all the information on it is in Korean. I cannot find a lot of details in English online and hopefully they can cater to international users in the near future.


Scent is one of the key emphasis for Kocomei's toners. The floral scent can linger for some time though it is not obvious if you don't pay attention.


Kocomei Milk Brightening Toner reviewKocomei Milk Brightening Toner review

Kocomei Milk Brightening Toner review

This is a very lightweight toner, more on the watery end. Doesn't leave any residue/glow after being absorbed into skin.

Moisturising Level

Average moisturising power


Not that I noticed


Decent to lift off impurities from the surface of my skin.

The verdict

This is a very average toner, I don't observe any brightening effect as claimed. Decent performance in terms of moisturising and cleansing. It is stated that Kocomei's toners are suitable for sensitive skin but I cannot verify this. The scent can be quite strong for some people though I am not particular with it.

No break out or skin irritation from this.

Are toners necessary? I feel it is to an extent. Sure, the absence of toners may not be as significant as not cleansing or moisturising your face, but its presence has definitely brought changes as well. Toners have improved my skin texture, become my go-to morning cleanse and helped to balance oil-water/pH.
I certainly do not want to go without toning for an excessively long period of time.

- Decent moisturising and cleansing power
- Floral scent
- Large bottle

- Scent can be overwhelming for some people

Moisturising: 3/5
Cleansing: 3/5
Brightening: 1.5/5
Scent: 3.5/5
Packaging: 3/5
Value-for-money: 3/5

Rating: 5/10
Will not repurchase unless no other alternative


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