Travel: Skincare Packing List, Winter Edition (Downloadable)

Hello! It's the last quarter of the year and I believe a lot of people are preparing for a trip overseas. Staying in Singapore means we just have to deal with humidity, high temperature, rain or occasional thunderstorms. To be honest, I really appreciate the lack of fluctuation in weather conditions and temperature because, with 4 seasons, you have to prepare different clothes, skincare and makeup.

That being said, I don't mind deducting 10-degree celsius! 
I had a hard time packing for my trip to Australia a month back (end winter season) because it wasn't my usual hot and humid trips.

Hence, let me share with you what I have distilled out to make your packing a little easier.

travel skincare packing list winter edition jjoyis

1. Facial Wash

Opt for travel-size option. I brought along L'oreal White Perfect Milky Facial Wash, not recommended for dry climate or if you have dry skin like me. 

2. Makeup remover wipes

My preferred choice when I'm travelling will be makeup remover wipes. It is very convenient to carry around. I recommend you to try Bifesta make up remover wipes or Cybercolors make up remover wipes. 

They clean well. Cybercolors version is in a larger pack. 

3. Toner

Any hydrating toners will be fine. I brought along Mary Kay Softener because it is something I can layer on whenever I need. 

4. Moisturiser (Cream)

Preferably something more nourishing and creams should work fine. I don't like to travel with too many things so I chose a lotion that can be used day and night. I had Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Milk on my counter so I just pack that up.

5. Facial oil

Optional, but I feel more secure with a bottle of facial oil just in case the lotion/cream doesn't work as well as I thought. Ultimately, we are too used to the level of humidity in Singapore and you never really know how your skin will act when it's much drier. I brought Rosken Bioserum for that trip.

6. Serum/Ampoule

It is important to keep the outer layer of skin moisturised but we cannot forget to hydrate from within. Bring along a serum/ampoule of your choice to ensure that. Missha Time Revolution Ampoule was on my counter so I just brought it with me. It is not known to be the most hydrating option but something is better than nothing.

7. Facial masks

This is like life insurance but for your face. I prefer hydrating or repairing ones to others for overseas trips. 
I chose to bring along daily hydrating masks (Keana Rice masks) for a quick fix-me-up and a variety of sheet masks from various brands. 

8. Sleeping mask

Serves as a back-up plan if your moisturiser is not powerful enough. I will either bring a sample size for this or transfer some into a contact lens case. 
Something like this:

contact lens case for travel


contact lens case travel

Use a cling wrap tightening to prevent spillage. Works like a dream for all liquids/lotions too. 

9. Lip balm

One of the first things to show signs of dehydration is my lips. Having a lip balm is an absolute must. The best part is I forgot to bring mine hahaa.

10. Ointment/Vaseline 

Heard a lot about Lucas Papaw Ointment and I managed to get it during my Aussie trip. This literally saved my lips from cracking too badly. It acts as a barrier (or what I like to say, it is between me and the world), giving my lips time and chance to heal. 

If you can't get you hands on Lucas Papaw Ointment, I feel Vaseline may work fine too. 

Oh, I applied some around the corner of my lips/between lips and nose area because it was hurting from all the dryness. Gave me quite a bit of relief. 

11. Facial mist

"Always travel with a facial mist"
Ever since I brought facial mists along, I never looked back. I would carry this around and replenish my skin's moisture whenever I can. 

I brought along Rohto Melano Vitamin C Mist, you can consider thermal water or even transferring some of your hydrating toners into a spray bottle. 
All will work well.

12. Hand Cream

The only part of my body that will dry out insanely is my hands. This is something I'd bring everywhere I go and spread a thick layer whenever I can. The moment I stop being so hardworking, my hands will start to dry out so much that I can even get cuts from my bag's zipper. It was painful and very inconvenient. Must have! The hand cream I was using was a gift from a friend.
As always, bring along any you like. 

13. Body lotion

I use this before I sleep. I will usually bring along travel packs I took back from hotels as my body isn't picky with products.  

14. Eyedrops

The dry and cold climate plus long hours of wearing are not the best combinations for contact lens users. Bring along a bottle of eye drops, don't let the uncomfortableness in your eyes spoil your mood. 
For longer trips, I prefer to get bottled one (Rohto Cooling eyedrops) while for shorter trips, I will bring along the daily, disposable kind.

disposable eye drops daily


Yes, the weather is cooling. The Sun is warm. Unless you want to deal with sunburn, sunscreen is still absolutely necessary. Don't be deceived, guys. Brought along Biore sunscreen and generally, they worked very well. Can't recall which one I brought but it was from Biore.


A chemical exfoliator is pretty essential because dry skin tends to build up faster (or when you're taking a trip >5 days). You don't need the whole bottle so I like to transfer it into a contact lens case and cover with a cling wrap. 
Prefer chemical exfoliator because they are gentler and more effective. Still loving my Cure Natural Aqua Gel after so many years, no wonder it is deemed the #1 exfoliator in Japan. 

To make things convenient for you, you can download the packing list and refer to it the next time you're preparing for a winter trip!

travel skincare packing list winter edition jjoyis pinterest

I am surprised my skin didn't flare up too badly when I stuck to everything I have shared above. I had peeling skin/cuticles/lips even when I was in Korea during the summertime; cannot imagine how horrible it might have been.

Hope this is useful and to those travelling soon, have a safe and good trip!

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