Review: Luca's Papaw Ointment, Australia Must Buy

Lucas papaw ointment review australia

Lucas' Papaw Ointment 

What: Multi-purpose ointment
Size: 25 g
Great for: Bruises, cuts, rash, insect bites, peeling skin
Made in: Australia
Price: AUD 5.99 (~SGD 5.66)
Where to buy: Pharmacy, Chemist Warehouse (Australia),
Don don donki

Carica Papaya, Pharmactical Grade Petroleum Jelly, Potassium Sorbate (Preservative), Gum Balsam Peru (Perfume)


25 g red tube in a typical lip balm packaging. Don't doubt this little dubious-looking tube, this thing actually works!


Lucas papaw ointment review australia

The opening has a slanted tip, I presumed it is for the easy application on lips. I prefer to squeeze a little out and apply using my fingers. 


Lucas papaw ointment review Australia uses functions

Lucas' Papaw ointment claims to have multiple functions - scalds and burns, minor wounds, cuts, insect bites, rashes, just to name a few. 

Personally, I have not tried it for any of the purposes mentioned above. I have used it for only 2 things - cracked skin (due to extreme dryness) and peeling lips. 


Smells like chemical/petroleum. Not a very pleasant scent


Like petroleum/oil. Again, not very pleasant at all. 


Lucas papaw ointment review Australia textureLucas papaw ointment review australia swatch

When you first squeezed it out from the tube, it is more viscous but when you spread it out, it quickly melts into a blendable oil-like texture. The ointment will sit on top of your skin for quite some time before it will completely dry off.

The Ingredient Debate

There are usually two things people are talking about:

1) The low % of Papaw
It is stated in the website that freshly fermented concentrate cannot be applied directly onto skin. It has to be mixed with a carrier, in this case, petroleum jelly, before it can be safe and effective.

2) Petroleum jelly
Petroleum jelly is one of the biggest questionable ingredients in personal care. Lucas' papaw's company assures the public that the petroleum jelly/wax they are using are of high quality. To be honest, I am also indecisive on this. But it really works well for me so...

Moisturising Level

Another big misconception about this product. With petroleum jelly as the main ingredient, this product is not able to provide moisture. It works more like a sealant that prevents moisture loss from your skin to the surrounding (imagine a cling wrap).
However, I must give credit to the healing property of papaw. Compared to vaseline (mainly made of petroleum jelly too), Lucas papaw helps to heal the wounds so much better and faster.

Results (on skin)

As mentioned, I have only used it for two purposes before and it worked miracle for me. When I was in Aussie, the skin around my mouth started to crack. If this has happened to you before, I'm sure you would understand the pain of that. In a desperate attempt, I applied some of Lucas papaw Ointment and magically, it stopped hurting just within hours!

Results (on lips)

My best encounter with this product is definitely for chapped lips. I have pretty dry lips so naturally when the weather is dry, it will be the first thing to show signs of dehydration. When I first applied it, it felt like a very nice layer protecting my painful lips from the cold. Within hours, there were no more cracks, peeling, pain, or even tenderness. I was so amazed by it I swear. This is by far the most effective product I've tried when it comes to peeling lips. 

In an attempt to test the effectiveness of this product once more, I tried it out when I was sick recently. It took a toll my skin and things can get particularly dry. Of course, my lips were peeling so bad that I couldn't use any lipsticks at all! So I reached out to Lucas papaw in hope to save my poor lips and bam! It did not disappoint. With just a thin layer, everything is smooth and soft now. Thank goodness for this!

Final thoughts

Lucas papaw ointment review australia must buy

Although I am uncertain about the ingredients, I cannot deny this has helped me so much when my lips were dry and painful. The relief was almost quick. It is a little pricey, but a little goes a long way so you can probably use this for quite some time. I don't advise eating with this one/swallowing it; therefore, I would wipe it away before eating when I have this on. Anyway, I don't like how it smells and tastes too.
I will keep it for emergency use/travel and I will go back to my lip balm one day when I don't need so much TLC. Nonetheless, I don't think I can live without it anymore - I'm putting it under my lifesaver list. This is an Australia Must Buy, if you don't know what gifts to bring back from Australia, you can consider this.
For the rest who are thinking to try this product, you can find it Don Don Donki/online.

- Heals cracked lips/skin effectively
- Handy to carry around

- Slightly pricey
- Not the best smell 
- Debateable ingredients

Moisturising: N/A
Healing: 5/5
Smell/Taste: 0/5
Value-for-money: 4/5
Ingredients: 3/5
Multi-functional: 5/5

Rating: 9/10
Will stock up

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