Review: L'oreal Makeup Superliner Ultra Precision Liner (Brown)

Edited 14 Dec 2019:

loreal paris eyeliner superliner ultra precision brown liner review sg blogger jjoyis

What: Liquid Eyeliner
For: Upper lashline
Size: 2.5 mL
Colour: Brown
Made in: -
Price: $20.90
Where to buy: Watsons, Guardian, online (Shopee, Lazada etc)

Other colours available:
Black, Super Black


How to use:
1. Shake before use
2. Apply (thickly/thinly) on eyes
3. Wait a while for it to dry completely


This is more of like a dip-brush kind, how do I put it? Such packaging is usually more consistent than pen liner in their performance. Generally they last longer too, or at least that’s how I feel about it. The brush can be screwed tightly in; thus, I believe it is less likely to dry out.


loreal paris eyeliner superliner ultra precision brown liner review sg blogger sponge tip

Thought the tip will be pretty hard (felt-tip kind) but it is softer than expected. Don’t worry, it is still firm enough to draw easily. It can do both thin or thick line without much problem.

Personally I really enjoy this sponge tip and this is something very easy to use. I am quite sure even beginners can manage this eyeliner very well.


loreal paris eyeliner superliner ultra precision brown liner review sg blogger

Wanted black but got brown accidentally. Black was really dark while brown is on a more natural end.

loreal paris eyeliner swatch on hand superliner ultra precision brown liner review sg blogger

You can see brown is rather dark too. The color payoff is fantastic for brown eyeliners.
If you want something more intense, you can check out 'Black black'

Lasting power

It lasted throughout the day for me, unless I rub my eyes. Even the end of the line stays on pretty well. Once it dries, it does not budge.

Smudge proof

Almost smudge-proof after it dries completely (which didn’t take a lot of time despite being a liquid liner). Some days when my eyelids are extremely oily, this tends to disappear or smudge too. However, most of the time, it works great for me.


Not waterproof, at all. I was quite surprised when I did the waterproofing test. The eyeliner I drew came right off upon contact with water. Don't use this when you're heading to the beach or when you know you will be involved in some water activities. You probably wouldn't want to be caught in the rain with this lined on your eyes too.

Content/value for money

Or like what the Taiwanese likes to say ‘CP value’. I can’t say how long this can last for me (I just started using) but I think it should be quite a while. Very worth the buck for the effect it can create.

Actual test/Swatch

loreal paris eyeliner superliner ultra precision brown liner review sg blogger jjoyis joy

I used this throughout my trip in Aussie (and also after I came back). Even if the selfie was taken from a distance away, you can still see how intense and crisp my eyeliner was.


Easily removed with just micellar water despite the pigmentation, or even with running water.
Does not stain eyelids easily too, which is good.

loreal paris eyeliner superliner ultra precision brown liner review sg blogger

Overall, I am very happy with this eyeliner. This has been on the shelves for quite some time and it performs (unlike Loreal’s facial wash). However, I can't find information about this via SG official Loreal's page. I saw another version instead. Don't tell me... this is discontinued as well lol.

Anyhow, I am pleasantly surprised but the pigmentation and lasting power of it. I never expected a drugstore product to do so well in terms of that. The best thing I like about it is the tip. The tip makes it very easy to draw and it will not be a problem even if you’re a novice. For people who are starting out their eyeliner journey, you can really consider practising with L’oreal superliner. It can give you a clean, crisp line without much effort.
Enough, I am sold.

Thanks SM for introducing this to me.

- Strong pigmentation
- Usually lasts throughout the day
- Easy to use, suitable for even beginners
- Value-for-buck
- Soft but firm sponge tip
- Easy to remove

- Can smudge if it is extremely hot 
- Not waterproof at all

Pigmentation: 5/5
Lasting power: 4/5
Smudge-proof: 4/5
Waterproof: 0/5
Easy to use: 5/5
Easy to remove: 5/5
Value-for-money: 5/5

Rating: 8.5/10
Will repurchase again

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