Travel: Modern Loft Airbnb, Brisbane CBD Review

Airbnb for large groups (sleep 7) in Brisbane CBD

Modern Loft Apartment, Brisbane CBD

Stay period: 2 - 5 Aug 2019 (4 nights)
Country: Australia, Brisbane
Room type: Loft apartment (sleep 7)
Apartment Amenities:
1-bed room, 1 loft (2 queen beds & 1 single bed), kitchen, living room and 2 toilets
Breakfast: No breakfast
Check-in: Self check-in
Building Facilities: Gym
Nearby: Supermarket, Train station, CBD, Fortitude Valley
Closest Station: Central
Price: $1044.30 SGD for 6 (~$261 per night)

Building Facilities

The building looks quite dated but the apartment itself is newly renovated. Did not explore the building but it comes with lift and a vending machine on the ground floor. Heard there is also a gym somewhere. 


Conveniently located in the heart of CBD and you have a supermarket (Woolsworth) round the corner. There is a bar/pub that opens late but most of the stores around generally close early.

The closest station is Central and we only used it once for our trip to Movieworld.
Most of the time, we relied on our 2 feet, or occasional bus rides/ferry, to bring us around.

Attractions around

There are plenty of places to visit. You can find Brisbane City Hall, GoMa, Cathedrals and many gardens, just to name a few. I even walked to Hillsong Brisbane (Downtown campus) for service, which was amazing by the way.

Coffee places and cafes are abundant too, feel free to take your pick.

Let's talk about the apartment/AirBnB itself.

Lower floor (1 queen bed)

There are two floors in this apartment.

Airbnb for large groups (sleep 7) in Brisbane CBD queen bed
 Queen bed (Downstairs)

There is a wall-mounted TV in front of the double bed. There is a small built-in wardrobe to store some clothes. Comes with en-suite bathroom.

Airbnb for large groups (sleep 7) in Brisbane CBD toilet bathtub
Includes bathtub too

Love the Scandinavian vibe. 

The water heats up fast as well, don't need to worry about hot water running out even you're the to shower. 

In the second toilet (standing shower, not pictured), you have a washing machine with dryer. Everything except toothbrush/toothpaste is provided.

Loft (2 queen, 1 single bed)

Airbnb for large groups (sleep 7) in Brisbane CBD loft
2 Queen beds and 1 Single bed (Upstairs)

Air-conditioner unit is located on the upper floor. However, there's an opening so it is still cooling downstairs. There are 2 double beds, 1 single bed and 1 couch. Quite spacious to move around. 

One thing to take note is the ceiling is quite low. 
5 of us hit our head/neck/back while moving around upstairs. It is painful. You really got to be careful. 

Mini wardrobe corner to keep some clothes. 

Airbnb for large groups (sleep 7) in Brisbane CBD deco

Living/Dining space

Open-concept kitchen with couch. This space is really fully equipped/fully stocked. It has everything you need to cook. Comes with oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, kettle and coffee machine.

Well-ventilated despite having little windows.

Though the apartment housed us well, it is a little cramp with our luggage.
We had to leave them around the apartment so space can feel a bit constricted. Best to carry 2 to 3 luggage upstairs to free up some walking space.

Airbnb for large groups (sleep 7) in Brisbane CBD open kitchen

Airbnb for large groups (sleep 7) in Brisbane CBD dining

This is my most preferred apartment in Aussie, partially because of this long, large dining table in the middle of the apartment. I love communal spaces because they are places for people to sit, gather and chill together.

We ate, played and occupied ourselves with our phones there a lot and it was one of my favourite moments.

You can see a small area behind - that is where the television is. We use that space mainly to unpack our luggage.


Cleanliness can be improved but it is generally well-maintained. There is no housekeeping so you will have to take out the rubbish after use.


Comes with a pin at the entrance of the building and the apartment is double-locked. Believe they will be upgrading to a keypad lock in the future. The neighbourhood feels alright too.

Airbnb for large groups (sleep 7) in Brisbane CBD deco

Comfort: 4/5
Cleanliness: 3.5/5
Value for money: 4.5/5 
Design of building: 2/5
Design of apartment: 4/5
Apartment Facilities: 5/5
Building Facilities: 2/5
Service: 5/5
Breakfast: -
Location: 4/5
Safety: 4/5
Suitable for: Large groups, families

Things worth mentioning:
- Fuss-free check-in
- Conveniently located around the CBD area, walking distance to Metro and various attractions
- Has a supermarket
- Safe and quiet
- Lots of cafes in the area but they close quite early
- Cleanliness can be improved
- Soundproofing isn't the best
- Fully equipped, fully stocked
- Bring/Buy your own toothbrush
- Can be cramped with luggage
- Well-ventilated and warm during winter
- Little to no daylight can be seen from the apartment due to the structure
- Prompt replies from the host

Rating: 8.5/10