Review: Rohto Melano CC Vitamin White Mist

"It is so warm and humid!"
I know. However, that same humidity saved me from constant use of lip balm, body lotion, facial mist and hand cream. Love-hate relationship. 

Whenever I am travelling to places with drier climate, I will always bring along a bottle of facial mist. Without it, my skin will dry out and peel really badly. 

Bought Rohto Melano CC Vitamin White Mist with me for my trip to Australia (Winter season). 

rohto melano cc white facial mist review japan

Rohto Melano CC Vitamin White Mist

Suitable for: All skin types
Size: 100 g
Made in: Japan
Scent: Lemon
Price: $16.90
Where to get: Watsons, Guardian, online platforms 

How to use:
1. Hold roughly 30 cm from the skin
2. Press the nozzle
* to avoid shaking the bottle before use*


rohto melano cc white facial mist review japan

Metal canister with aerosol spray - not the smallest to travel with but good enough to last me throughout the trip (I used roughly half a bottle in 10 days). 

I always prefer aerosol spray as it gives a more even distribution. 

However, you have to control it well if not you will get huge droplets.
P/S, I don't think you can bring this up on the plane, sadly. 


I am quite alright with the scent (think lemon dishwasher) as it does not last very long on the skin 

Hydrating results

My skin started peeling after 4/5 days in Australia but I still can save it by using a hydrating mask at night. I sprayed this when my skin felt very tight after washing and it provided instant relief. I carry this around daily and reapply once every couple of hours. Dry, peeling skin really scares me. 


It absorbs well and fast into the skin. Cannot stand those big droplets of mist sitting on the skin after spraying. Does not affect makeup as well so feel free to reapply throughout the day.

On skin

Leaves a sticky residue on my skin. Not an issue as I mainly use it for my face and I don't touch my face often. Can be uncomfortable for people who use it on their body though. Does not irritate or break me out. 

Whitening/dark spots 

I don't think I have used this long enough to notice any visible results. To be honest, I am not expecting it to help with dark spots etc. You should check out serums/ampoules if you are looking to solve such concerns. A facial mist is too mild to provide  results like that. 

- Even distribution
- Added benefits
- Quick absorbency into the skin
- Hydrating

- Can feel sticky
- Quite large 
- May not perform as expected in terms of whitening


rohto melano cc white facial mist review japan

I picked this up solely as a mist to keep my skin hydrated. It has added benefits like Vitamin C compared with my usual thermal water so I thought, why not. 
All in all, it worked well as a hydrating mist, I respray every couple of hours, or whenever I feel like my skin needs that extra boost in moisture. The droplets are usually fine unless you press too lightly or hold the bottle too close to your face. You do not need to pat the mist in as it absorbs fast enough and it does not interfere with my make up as well.
I am not hoping for the vitamins/whitening to work. It will be great if it does but it is totally fine if it doesn't. This bottle of facial mist has served its purpose and I am happy.

Hydrating: 4/5
Whitening: 1/5
Scent: 3/5
On skin: 1/5
Distribution: 4/5
Value-for-money: 3/5

Rating: 7.5/10
May repurchase before a trip