Review: L'oreal White Perfect Facial Milky Foam

loreal white perfect facial milky foam review

L'oreal White Perfect Milky Foam

Size: 50 g (Travel size)
Suitable for: Oily/combination skin (I think)
What: Facial wash
Price: $2
Where to get: Watsons, Guardian


loreal white perfect facial milky foam review ingredient


Small, plastic squeeze tube, nothing fancy or bad about it.


Cleanses face well, in my opinion, too well. Dries me out like crazy. Never tried removing makeup with this as I feel a proper makeup remover should be used for that.

On skin

Feels like a normal cleanser on the skin but this thing strips every drop of oil/moisture from my face I swear. Pick it up because I needed a travel size cleanser to last me for a 3D2N trip to Batam (Hot, humid country like Singapore) and by the third day, skin on my nose started peeling. It. Was. Horrible.

End of story.


I forgot what it was like to use bad facial cleansers before I tried this. How can something be so dry? My skin leans towards combination/dry but this is the first time something made my skin peel in a humid setting. Jov also finds this cleanser too drying for her skin, except that her skin didn't peel Perhaps it could be because she was spamming moisturiser every day after washing.

If you have combination or dry skin, please avoid this at all cost. Don't say I didn't warn you.
This terrified me so much that I paid very little attention to the rest of the claims (mainly whitening properties). Generally, I am happy with L'oreal products but this white perfect cleanser - no, absolutely no. There must be a reason why it has been selling in stores for so long right? Can anyone enlighten me on this?

It wasn't stated that this was made for oily skin folks too.

- Comes in travel size

- Extremely drying
- Tightness in skin

Cleansing: 4/5
Whitening: 0/5
Moisturising: 0/5

Rating: 1/10 (it can still clean your skin)
Will not repurchase