Review: Cybercolors makeup remover wipes

I needed a makeup remover for a weekend trip thus I picked up this one from Cybercolors. This is not my first encounter with the brand, in fact, I wrote about their base makeup and cleansing oil quite some time back.

Was pretty impressed the other round so let's see how this fares.

cybercolors make up wipes review

Cybercolors Gentle Grapefruit Makeup Remover Wipes

What: Makeup removal wipes
Pieces: 30 sheets
Suitable for: All skin types
Great for: Removing makeup, eye make up
Price: $12.90
Where to buy: SaSa outlets/Sasa online


cybercolors make up wipes review ingredients

How I use it:

1. Take a piece of makeup remover wipe from the packaging
2. Press on eye/lips for a few seconds before removing
3. Wipe throughout face
4. Repeat until clean 



cybercolors make up wipes review packaging

One common problem I have with makeup wipes is that they tend to dry out easily. Granted, there is a seal and plastic cover, but those didn't help a lot.

Pardon that strand of hair.

Stars: ★★★


Scented, I am fine with products with added fragrance (and it smells good) but take note if you are sensitive to it.

Stars: ★★★

Makeup removal strength

Quite strong and in fact, I never expected it to perform so well. It even takes off waterproof eye make up effortlessly and does not sting my eyes. However, it had some tingling sensations on Jov's eyes and face.

cybercolors make up wipes review results

Left: Joy | Right: Jov

I use a lot more eye makeup (eyeliner, mascara) while Jov uses more base makeup.
This can serve as a good reference to different groups of people out there.

cybercolors make up wipes review results before after on face

I feel this is able to outperform many well-known brands in the market. One piece is sufficient to remove a full face of makeup.

However, it was not so effective with removing lip tint.

cybercolors make up wipes review
Unremoved lip tint (Tony Moly)

Stars: ★★★


Not the smallest pack but convenient enough to travel with. This is my go-to travel essential now.

Stars: ★★★


Got it because it was on sale and I needed a makeup remover for a day trip. Very affordable without sales as well!

Stars: ★★★


Skin does not feel overly dry/oily (great!). I would still wash with a facial cleanser after that.

Stars: ★★★


- Affordable
- Very effective
-  Can remove waterproof eye makeup easily
- Travel-friendly
- Not overly dry/oily on the skin


- Can sting if your skin is sensitive
- Makeup wipes tend to dry out

The Verdict

Overall, I really enjoy this very much. I have used too many not-so-good makeup wipes - had to literally rub my skin to get everything off! They were a disaster when it comes to removing eye makeup as well. At a price of $12.90 for 30 pieces, it can last for a good week-long/month-long trip.

Moisturising: 9/10
Removing power: 9/10
For sensitive skin: 5/10
Scent: 9/10
Value-for-money: 9/10

Rating: 9/10
Will repurchase again