Every End Is A New Beginning

Ladies and gentlemen, it has come to the point where I am bidding goodbye to JJOYIS.
It is a dear brainchild of mine and I have spent a good amount of time perfecting my work. I still miss those days; good memories. I am glad you like what I shared and the posts I have written -  they truly mattered to me and kept me going.

I still believe, and value, a good honest review. I still like sharing about my experience and serve as an information center in the vast Internet. I still hope my advice and thoughts are worth more than two cents.

However, the work behind creating posts was too much to bear alone. I wanted so much more for this space to grow yet I never had enough time to water the seed.

It is with great sadness for me to say I am ceasing this one-man show.
It has been a big part of my life for many years and I am so thankful it did. 

When one door closes, another window opens - Alexander Graham Bell

How true that is.

I decided to wrap up as the sole writer of this space and rope in Jovee (aka Jie Ni aka my sister) to run this space.

Yes, I can't help myself with the drama.

With an additional hand, I believe more can be achieved! The game plan has changed and I am certain it is for the better.

Do you like the new site design? There are still kinks to work out here and there; we will get there slowly. I really cannot wait till then to start posting. (It will be forever)

Took me really long to materialise what I have in mind and the second thing I did was to purchase a domain. Gone were the .blogspot.com. It is still accessible but I like how sleek this URL looks.

I am also a little rusty with writing but I am sure it will be good soon.

When this site started, the additional 'J' was an honest mistake - it was meant to be Joyis - however, the same 'mistake' gave this place a second chance, a better one. May I introduce a new partner to manage this with me: Jovee!

Nothing is by accident, everything happened for a reason.

For a start, I will continue to document my thoughts/reviews of skincare and make up. I haven’t been trying many things after I stopped writing so let me start with the ones I have been using or loving. Too many (useful) reviews aren’t written by locals hence they may not be as relevant. I still feel strongly about providing value in this area.

Likewise for food.

crabmeat pasta replacement jb cafe

High seaks cheap steak north sembawang food

Singaporean favourite activity. Not so active in this area due to the some recent events. And Jov is very health conscious to eat like how I did. We will slowly get there.

What I also in mind is to fill this space with travel adventures.

jjoyis joyjjoyis jovee

I never truly started writing about travel because I didn’t want to spend too much time on it when I’m at a new country and miss the moments. Let me keep this in mind during my next trip (or current trip for Jov)

sg blog learning yoga in india girl

What you have seen is nothing new. What I want to add on are more such as
- health and fitness
How I have placed so little emphasis on something so important. It is never too late to work on that

- Home projects

- Videos

All this with the help of Jov.

Shall we begin? :)