Sponsored Review: Lynn's Aesthetic Facial Treatment

It has been some time since I wrote the last post so I am more selective with my invites.

Recently I gave a heartland beauty salon a try. Lynn's Aesthetic is not a new kid in the block - in fact, it has been around for over 30 years! I have my fair share of experiences (and packages) with the usual salon chains so there are things I look out for during a facial treatment.

1. Cleanliness
2. No hard selling during the treatment itself
3. Post-healing/scarring issue
4. Massage skills (if applicable)
5. Extra miles

So how was my experience in Lynn's Aesthetics? Let's see!


Walking distance from Kovan MRT, not hard to locate with the help of google map.


First, you got to fill in your personal particulars and tea will be served.

Changed shoes before heading into the treatment room section. Usually the consultant will run through my current skin condition using some machine etc but they did not practise that when I was there.

Behold, this place is big and very nicely decorated!

My treatment room is on the second floor. I really have to give it to them. Feels like a spa instead of the usual room box you see outside.

There is a locker for you to keep your bags in at the lounge area.

My consultant is Kerine, each consultant has their own dedicated room to work in.

The Garden Room

I LOVE IT. The rows of flowers hanging from the ceiling makes everything so mystical hahaaa.

I have a thing for details

After removing my make up ( I went with concealer, eyebrows drawn and sunblock), Kerine suggested I go for Young & Trendy Detox Facial

This Detox Facial focuses on the "self-repair ability" that humans naturally have. By accelerating the metabolism of the cells, you will be able to recover your best skin condition.

Step 1: Double cleanse

First cleanse will 'test' the outer layer of your skin. If there is any reaction/tingling/itch, that is the area that is more dry and you will need to use more moisturiser.

Second cleanse tests the inner layer of your skin and again, any reaction will means dryness. I have some tingling feeling around my nose area and thus Kerine advised me to use more serum around my nose.

I have been very lazy with my skincare now so ya, time to get back to the routine.

They used a special glove made by Lynn, the lady boss herself to wipe off between each step. These gloves are sterilised and soaked in essential oils. A lot of effort right!

Step 2: Tone

Toning with rose water to calm the skin down

Step 3: Gommage peel

Applies like a mask and after 10 mins, it can be rubbed away gently, thereby providing an exfoliating effect. Something like Cure?

Step 4: Steam

To be honest, I hate this step the most. Really can't breath when there's a stream of hot air blowing at my face. Am I the only one?

Step 5: Suction

Suction is used to painlessly remove anything clogged under the skin first before moving on to the next step.

Step 6: Extraction

Love-hate relationship again. I am glad Kerine is good at what she does. Swift, effective and clean. Not many consultants does this well.

Step 7: Oxygenating serum

Step 8: Eye Lip care

To take care of my dark circles and dry lips.

Step 9: Eyebrow trimming

Let me take a minute to praise her work. My eyebrows were trimmed to perfection, I kid you not. I will totally go back to get them trimmed by her if I can. Most salons did a ok job for this step as well, it is just an additional service.

She on the other hand shaped by both plugging and shaving. It really helps to maintain the shape longer (3 weeks and still looking good).

After filling them in, it totally looks like I've embroidered them

Step 10: CO2 mask

Soft mask to soothe and seal all the goodness in
There's no gauze thing and the soft mask is really runny so I felt it was a little too messy for me. (and my ears).

One thing worth noting is that all the treatments are done not just on your face, but also on your neck. Really appreciate Lynn Aesthetics for taking care of customers' necks as well as it is one of the places many people neglect.

Step 11: Shoulder and neck massage

Using lavender massage oil, Kerine gave me a firm but good massage. Would be good if they can incorporate facial massage in too.
After she's done, the bed takes over. No, not sleep, but the bed is a massage bed. I have been to a salon which offered thermal treatment beds (I love it too ahaha) but this is another level.

Step 12: Moisturiser and sunblock

Using their in house products to wrap this session up

Kerine then offered me some tea and a lot of tips to improve my skin condition.
I didn't see any scars (mainly on the left side of my face) lighten very much but I did notice an overall brighter and more even skin complexion.

I am not a big believer of immediate results because 8/10 of the treatments I go for can achieve that but look at my skin after 1 week.

Still clean and moisturised until I got sunburn last week lol

The prices are competitive and you are in for a treat there. I will go back for it as a paying customer.
The details of the place is as follows:

Lynn Aesthetics Treatment

Blk 211 Hougang St 21
Singapore 530211
Nearest MRT: Kovan

Operating Hours: 
Mon-Fri : 10am - 9pm 
Sat,Sun,PH : 10am - 6pm

To book an appointment, call 6289 8901

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