Travel: 3D2N Batam, 2017

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It is 2017, not 2016 lol #lost

Despite the close proximity, that was my first time visiting Batam.

Was supposed to head out for more activities on Day 2 but we changed plans due to the potential wet weather.

Day 1 

Harbourfront > Batam Center

It is still relatively easy to find our way and to be honest, we have no clue where to go/queue. Follow where the crowd goes and you cannot be wrong. 

Bought the tickets online (website/3rd party up to you). I believe each ticket was priced around $45SGD. 

We changed our rupiah at the harbour's money changer and a little more in Batam itself. Din't bother changing at other places as we weren't planning to spend a lot anyway. 

The ferry ride was rather comfortable and smooth. The journey should take around an hour or so. 

After departing and clearing the customs, we hailed a cab to our first accommodation.

The BCC Hotel & Residence, Nagoya 

There are many accommodations to choose from in Batam but generally it is not easy to find a place that is nice and well-maintained. I am glad this hotel turned out well. 

The close proximity to food and the mall is a plus point. 

We chose a Premier Suite for our stay and the room is spacious! 

Thank goodness they have renovated the toilet; I love the marble design so much! Didn't take photos of the room itself so I got some help from Google. 

The couch area with movable table is really good. We can watch TV while we chill and eat on the couch. Best design ever hahaa. 

Packed dinner from the food center beside the hotel. Nothing fantastic but everything is really affordable. 
And oh, no photos as well. Ordered room service!

Dragon fruit Milkshake


I believe both for $10 or so? Shall try the mains next time if we happen to stay at the same place again. 

rose bath bomb

Took a bubble bath before heading to bed. Quite uneventful. 

The BCC Hotel & Residence 
Room: Premier Suite
Jalan Bunga Mawar Baloi Kusuma, 29444 Nagoya, Indonesia
Price: Rsp 1,000,000 (~$96SGD)

Day 2

bcc hotel batam breakfast
Complimentary Breakfast

Went for the complimentary breakfast and the spread was... not to my liking. A lot of Asian food/carbo for breakfast and they didn't taste that great. Don't expect good breakfast. 

After that, SW & XJ reached to met up with us. Due to the potential wet weather, we scrapped the idea of visiting a beach/water activities. Headed over to our second accommodation by walking. 

It is not that far but places like Batam aren't really designed for pedestrians to walk around. In fact, we are probably one of the minority who walks more than 10m. Very courageous lol.
I can't stay it is very safe but just be vigilant and take note of your surrounding. 

89 Hotel

This hotel is not close to any malls but I chose this as it looks the most posh out of many others in the same price range. Not disappointed as well. 

The breakfast was better than the one we had in The BCC Hotel. 

89 Hotel
Room: Superior Double Room
Jalan Pembangunan Baloi Blok 6, 29432 Nagoya, Indonesia
Price: Rsp 439,200 ($42)

What to do in Batam

1. Arcade 

This is what we do most of the time over there. Arcade games are really affordable in Batam and they do have games we play. One thing is that people smoke there so it can get rather unbearable along the way. 

2. Eat 

We visited the Nagoya Shopping mall and grabbed our kueh lapis (feel free to try as they provide sampling!) and lunch. 

beef noodles nagoya

nagoya food

nagoya food court

nagoya batam food

nagoya bak ku teh

nagoya bak ku teh food

It is a pity because there are some other places I wish I'd have the chance to eat at. Next time, next time.

3. Massage

I am not a big fan of the massage over there as it is neither that cheap nor good. I went with the popular choice among Singaporeans - Eska Massage Nagoya, Batam

Did a gold facial which is rather mediocre as well. But ear candling was pretty interesting!
If you have any good massage place to recommend, please comment down below! 

4. Beach activities 

It is possibly one of the closest and most accessible places to do some water activities. 
Have not tried though

5. Grocery shopping 

Bought many bags of snacks, indo mee (Mee sedap is really good) and random nit-nacks. We did our shopping at Batam City Square (BCS). 

jjoyis jielin

All in all, it is not a bad experience as I was not expecting much. Everything is generally more affordable. If I have to choose, I prefer JB to Batam. JB has better transport connectivity (bus, train, uber and grab), food variety, hotel standards and such. Then again Batam is good to go once in a while when you are looking for a quick weekend getaway. I don't mind visiting again. 

Perhaps I will share more on JB in my next post!