Happy 25th Birthday ShiMei!

Back from my hiatus. Looking back, I realised I have written too many reviews and gave too little attention to what is important to me. In 2018, going back to the basics isn't all that bad.

For keep's sake. To give my honest take.

Let's start to work on these two things again in 2018!
Other than that, Dayre is closing soon and that means.. I don't have a place to write daily mundane stuff or whatsnot. And my very selective group of people I chose to follow will be scattered.

Maybe I might join another microblogging app (WeBlogIt) but I heard it is not taking the migration well.

We shall see!


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Playnation, Henri Charpentier cakes & my specs

Long gone were the days we sat down a day before and DIY some surprise/gift for birthdays. Luckily we did many things together back in school. No regrets.

Playnation is still a nice place with ample games and space for us to spend time bonding.

Oh anyway, one of the rare appearance of specs-JL lol. I feel my specs is fine but many people said it is too big. I quite like the size but I really don't like the fact that it keeps sliding down. Been off contacts for a while to let my eyes fully recover. It is convenient in some sense, troublesome in others.

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diy birthday card music card
Amazing card made by Ape

Went for dinner while waiting for Kai. Second time @ Nansuttei and I still feel there are better ramens out there. Eggs should be a standard in ramen btw, not something addition haha.

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five tapas bar somerset
Five bar

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Back then when we were using film cameras, there is really no room for mistake or rubbish. I was flipping through one album I took when I was in primary school and guess what? It is filled with plants, scenery and I-don't-even-know-what.

I didn't bother giving it a second more.

That is when I realise, create memories of people, not things. 

Oh how I cherish taking touristy shots with every single thing possible. That truly matters.
I will make this place more alive.

Back to the main topic of the day; Happy birthday SM!