Food: Swensens 'Price Is Right', Ion Orchard

Hello! I have finally made it back. Just have the urge to write something here. I really miss blogging, sharing about anything and everything. 

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Swensens is probably not new to most of us.. it has been around for a long time. Some time ago, the team has included 'Price is Right' choices in their selection! What does this means to you, you may wonder? It means affordable main courses @ $10.80++.

swensens price is right flatlay
Swensens Affordable menu

There is a dessert buffet section, perfect if you have a sweet tooth! Let me bring you around very quickly first.

swensens chocolate fondue
Chocolate fondue with assorted dipping choices

swensens chocolate fondue
White chocolate version as well

Some cakes for you?

swensens icecream selection
Ice-cream! What is Swensens without Ice-cream?

swensens icecream selection ion
The selection is massive

There is actually more sections not photographed. It wasn't the main reason why we were there anyway #easilydistracted

swensens tacos beef rice
Taco Beef Rice ($10.80)

Quite unusual to find rice dishes from western restaurants and Swensens did it well. 

swensens lasagna vegetarian
Go Green Lasagne ($10.80)

You will be glad this is vegetarian-friendly. Not a fan of tomato-based food, if you follow me long enough. Find this a little 'flour-y' as well.

swensens fish burger reivew
Reely Good Fish Burger ($10.80)

I do not like the fish they chose for this dish. 

The last dish we tried was Carbonara. This was my favourite out of the 4. Very thick and creamy so do share if you get sick of cream-based stuff easily. 

And sadly, I don't know where the photo I took disappear to. 

swensens apple of my pie review
Apple of my Pie ($13.80)

I generally have very low expectations for apple-pie-related desserts and I can say this didn't meet the my bare minimum. Tasted too raw. 

swensens milo dirt pot review dessert
Milo Ice-cream Dirt Pot ($5.90)

Basically you can eat using the mini shovel provided. You can't really go wrong with ice-creams in Swensens. Plus, it is really cute. 

swensens pop goes the caramel review
Pop Goes The Caramel ($11.80)

This was alright to me but I definitely cannot finish alone. 

Overall, I still lean towards the regular menus. If you are tightening your food budget, then this range may be worth your consideration. 


Many branches island wide
please refer to the website for store locations!

Rating: 1.5/5

*This was a tasting invite


Phew! Finally done with this. It has been a really long time since I wrote something and I am really, really losing touch. I cannot find the right words, forgot the formatting etc. And it took me really long to edit, resize, watermark, post etc. 

Nonetheless, good job for my baby steps. 

And hello everyone once again!