Sponsored Review: Acuvue Oasys 1-Day Contacts

Hi guys. It has been way too long since my last post (what's new). Let me digress a little before I began what you came for. Thank you for your patience and support despite the lack of updates. This is my biggest transition in life, aka away from 18 years of education, thus I am spending most of my time there.

Despite so, I am still pretty active on other platforms. Ok, most active being Instagram LOL. Find me there!


Contact lens. I believe this thin piece of innovation changed how we viewed the world. Life is so much easier without spectacles. I don't know about you but when I am in specs, I feel more sluggish. There is very little point to make up since it will be hidden behind my thick frame.

So, I rely greatly on contact lens so that I can see properly. With my hectic schedule and pretty long working hours, my eyes tend to get more dry than ever.

I do use Acuvue daily disposable lens before this and they are by far one of the most comfortable pair of lens I have tried.

What do I look out for in contact lens?

1. Comfort

What's new? Comfortable lens is not a plus, it is a must. Don't suffer because of your contacts, it will affect you the whole day and I kid you not.

Acuvue has a winning edge over many brands thanks to its thin lens. Sometimes I forgot I have a piece of plastic on my eyeball.

2. Price

Being daily disposable means throwing $XX dollars away the moment you remove the lens for the day (Please please do not reuse daily lens).

Cost is a factor for daily contact lens wearers. If you find it within your means, fair enough go ahead. If it is really quite a stretch for you, what I suggest is:

For less frequent wearer, just buy as the cost will be lower than picking up a monthly lens.
For more frequent user, if you have no choice (aka extremely dry eyes), then there is nothing we can do. You may wish to try fortnight lens to see if it helps.

3. Ease of wear

This is something I am very particular about. There are certain brands I cannot wear, no matter how comfortable they claim to be. Not sure why and I don't intend to find out. Thank goodness Acuvue lens stuck to me with no problem.

As mentioned, Acuvue is one of the most comfortable lens you can find in the market. Daily lens are good to start with as there is minimal commitment period.
Try it!