DIY: Easy Christmas Tree Sew-on Card

I wrote this last Christmas but did not post it. Since it is December again (time really flies!) let's not waste this sharing.


Hi everyone! It is December, the time of the year. Let's start preparing for Christmas.
Take this time to reflect on the good and bad decisions you have made this year. Take this chance to visualise where you want to be this time next year. Most importantly, take this opportunity to thank those who had made a difference in your life. Thank them for the valuable life lessons and the experiences.

DIY Christmas Sew on cards
DIY Christmas Sew on cards

I am going to share a very easy and idiot-proof DIY Christmas card for your loved ones. Make it yourself and remember to fill every word, fold and thread with gratitude.

What you need:

Black stock paper ($1.70)
100 cm long colourful threads
Star sticker (optional)

Things to note: 

- For the black stock paper, I bought a big piece and cut it into my desired size (if I am not wrong, A5)
- Use a thicker needle as the stock paper is rather thick and hard. 


Easy diy xmas card ideas
Colorful DIY Xmas Cards

1. Fold the stock paper into half.
2. Sketch a triangle, I tend to align my bottom vertices to the corner of the papers.
3. Puncture holes along the outline of the triangle with the needle.
4. Choose thread of your desired color, knot it and start threading through!
5. Knot once you're done with a color, try your best to keep it as close to the card as possible.
6. Repeat until a desired design is achieved!
7. Stick on a star sticker or you can choose to draw it on
8. Decorate however you like!

(PS it's so foolproof I don't think I need to take step-by-step photo hor)

diy colourful thread xmas card
DIY Xmas Cards, finished!

Done! So easy but the finished product is really nice. Remember to write your little note to the receiver inside :) If you find the inside of the card ugly (cause of the threads and all), you can glue another piece of paper over it.

merry xmas diy card
Merry Xmas!