Hello Humans!

Hi guys, how have you been? It has been way too long since I 'disappeared'. Well, at least I was semi-active on other platforms like Instagram. Thanks for your understanding; I am just super occupied with my current (new) life. 

So... let me update a little. 


Now first thing first, 
I've officially graduated from education, well sort of. 

So here's a photo from the 'grad' shot I did with the girls and cy.
More about graduation next time. 

Graduation trips

Taiwan with Family

Krabi with the Girls

Penang with Dearests

Went for 3 separate trips with three different groups of people. They are not those fancy trips/Europe trip but I really enjoyed myself. Why enjoy once when you can have it three times, at probably a fraction of the cost? Budget and time were the two main concerns for all of us anyway. Nonetheless, wonderful memories.

PS, finally travelled overseas with my dearest group of friends, well after discussing about it for a good 5-6 years? Not sure how long it took us but at least we did it.


Started my career back in May, officially. It took me a long time to decide, a long time to learn (in fact I am still learning and improving every single day). Appreciate the patience I have from my mentors, the trust people place in me and the encouragement and understanding I've received thus far. They shaped who I am today, this very moment.

It is no doubt stressful at times but I enjoy what I am doing.

For those who have just began their journey, you will do well too! Give yourself some time to polish up and keep learning!

I shall leave updating about other major things next time!
Can't say I am back blogging for good but I will try my best as long as I have the time and energy! Thanks for hanging around~