Salmon Sushi Theme Party | Happy 23rd Seow Wen! ♥

It was a pretty 'simple' celebration so there is not a lot to write. Still, let me document it down. Useful to search for it in the future :p

This space has been filled with reviews and more reviews. I know some of you like to read my more personal posts but to be honest, I don't have much to write about. I should probably remove the 'lifestyle' in my blogheader because I have no life T_T


salmon themed girls

Theme for Sw's birthday was Salmon (Salmon Party). I really like themed parties. We even dressed up for it! It is fun when everyone is so spontaneous.

salmon themed party card girls

Anyway, first up is salmon sushi card; I modelled it after a photo I found on the Internet (might be umisushi lol)

It was made with foam paper, stuck a harder piece of paper at the back to write messages. I used white glue and it worked pretty well. 

We did a salmon sushi cushion for her too because... The one from naiise is too overpriced.

DIY Salmon Sushi
DIY Salmon Sushi

Turned out much cuter than expected. Thanks to yq's pro designer sis too!

tenryu japanese dining and teahouse girls

Dinner was at Tenryu Japanese Dining and Teahouse. I've already wrote about our wonderful experience there in the previous post. 

Really love what they said so I have to SS it down for keepsake.

So these are the girls I've spent my 6 years with. Saranghaeee! 

jjoyis girls
Our tired faces HAHA but still thankful for the time spent tgt

Can't wait for the first full attendance trip soon!!!

With love x