Food: Tenryu Japanese Dining & Teahouse Review, Dairy Farm Estate

Found this gem tucked away in a quiet private condo. Yes you read it correctly, Tenryu Japanese Dining & Teahouse is located INSIDE a condo (Dairy Farm Estate) along Dairy Farm Road. It is not too difficult to find but at the same time I wouldn't say it is easy.

I will include the direction in the section below, or at least I will try my very best to describe how we got there. 

We chose a Japanese restaurant because the birthday girl hinted her desire for a salmon cake. So we threw a 'Salmon party' for her. More about that next time. Tried our luck at Tenryu and the chef made it happened! Thank you! This is a good idea for people who do not like cakes? :p

salmon sashimi cake food photography
Salmon Sashimi Platter ($24.80, 15 slices)

This is unusual. I don't know why but I have been craving for this ever since that day! The salmon sashimi somehow tasted different, in a good way!! Wasabi was pretty good too. Yes, there are bad wasabis in the market.

sakana don fish cutlet don
Sakana Bowl ($10.80)
Fish Cutlet with egg & onions

The fish was well-marinated, tender and flavourful. The rice is albeit dry/tasteless so it will be perfect if something can be done! Other than that, this is quite a fuss-free meal option.

tori karaange curry rice nice sg
Tori Karaage Curry Rice ($11.80)
Fried Chicken Curry Rice

I will never order curry rice from Japanese restaurants because it is so easy to cook, many places even use pre-mix, but it is often priced around let's say a don. I just don't find it worth the sum I am paying. However, we got this dish because the staff mentioned it is one of the more popular dishes there. 

Glad to know their curry has  their own unique vibe. It is firstly more spicy than the usual Japanese curry and secondly, there is a faint beef taste? I did not check with the kitchen but it was nonetheless a pleasant experience. 

salmon garlic fried rice tenryu jap dining
Salmon Garlic Yaki Meshi ($10.50)
Garlic fried rice with generous salmon cubes

Now fried rice is easy to make but a good plate of fried rice is not. With that in mind, this garlic salmon fried rice and fragrant and oily. Dry fried rice never works you see. Sprinkled with generous amount of salmon bits, this is what people called 'value bowl'. 

tenryu maki sushi salmon torched
TENRYU Maki ($17.80)
Salmon sushi roll with Tenryu sauce

Salmon on the sushi was lightly torched. I am usually a sucker for torched salmon but surprisingly I find this average.

sushi torched salmon

Find it very plain & simple. I still prefer my shiok maki when it comes to maki because it is heavily drenched in sauces.

yuzu beer salon du
Yuzu Beer ($12.80)

Still not a fan of Yuzus, am I the only one? I find the yuzu taste did not value-add except it makes the beer even more bitter. The girls finished it though so I guess... beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Tenryu Japanese Dining & Teahouse

Now I will definitely recommend you to check out Tenryu Japanese Dining and Teahouse for the very thoughtful service and tasty (yet very pocket-friendly) food. We did not wait for very long too. I love the food and the ambience that night - it was amazing. The top favourites will be salmon sashimi platter and garlic fried rice.

PS, no GST and service charge! 

TENRYU Japanese Dining & Teahouse

Dairy Farm Estate (Condo)
17 Dairy Farm Rd, #B1-06
Singapore 679043
Tel: 6464 8894

Operating Hours
Tues - Sun (Lunch): 11:30am - 3:00pm
Tues - Sun (Dinner): 6:00pm - 10:00pm
Closed on Monday

Attached the map from the website:

direction to tenryu japanese dining
Direction to tenryu japanese dining 

From Hillview MRT station, walk against the traffic into Dairy farm road. 
Turn into the first small alley on your left.
You will see a small sign stating 'Tenryu' on your right; just head to the security checkpost beside the sign and ask! 
There is practically one main road in the condo so just stick to it. Tenryu is right behind a children's playground

Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks guys for guilt-tripping me LOL. I will work on another post later if I have the time before dinner.