So far so... quiet

Hi guys! It has been a really, really long time since I last sat down to pen something. As much as I want to, I can't. After all, I am not a full timer blogger. Now I can finally, well sort of, understand why many stopped even though it is something they enjoy doing.

Anyway, it has been nearly 3 months into 2016. Let me update a little about my life so far.

2016 has been pretty good and really packed. Still juggling between a few major things in life - school, work, lessons, friends


My last semester in University. Or proper education, that is if I do not further my studies. I am trying my best to absorb the last drop of knowledge from the lecturers. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy studying. It is stressful/tiring at times but learning is nonetheless, very fun.

And of course, I enjoyed my fair share of skipping lectures. I will definitely miss the 'flexibility'.
PS, we have online lectures!


This is a new chapter for me. Opened it earlier but so far so good. I might share more about it in the future but I shall keep it offline for now.


Nothing much changed. I wonder how long can I continue this for. I know I have to stop tutoring one day but let's not think about that for now. I am happy as long as they are doing well.


Practically hanged out with the usual few groups + other small pockets of people whenever I can. I feel extra grateful when I manage to spend time with them.

Sometimes I really want to reach out to certain friends first but it is just.. hard. Initiating contact is never easy for me and seeing how people slip away is not making things better. Important people I mean.

So that is why I count my blessing and give thanks every day - for the people who came and never left. 

Nonetheless, I thought I should make it a point to reconnect with more friends this year. If not now, when?

Hahaha why does it feel a little emotional here ah?


Okay what else...?

If you miss me, I am on Dayre (daily crazy moments). Find me @jjoyis! It is quiet there too ahaha. 

Moving forward, I cannot promise I will update more but I promise to update a little everyday so that this space/my social media will not extinct.