January 2016 Favourites

Hi guys! I don't have much to share for Nov & Dec 2015 favourites so I skipped them. That does to mean I will stop this section yo! Here is Jan Favourites 2016 for you~

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January 2016 Favourites

1. O.P.I Tickle My France-y

Bought this long ago but I only started using it recently. I love it. The colour is not obvious but it makes my nails look so clean. I love nude polishes; they are the bomb. The glossiness is to-die-for too. This is more towards the Earth tone nude so if you like something like that, do consider this color. Nudes look really good on both short and long nails, any skin tones and goes well with any outfit. I think I purchased this 2-3 years ago, really long time ago, and it is still fluid. OPI polishes are worth investing because they are still useable after so long.

$10/$15, Metro OPI counter

2. Softex Pantyliners

My friend told me about this panty liner and I got it because it is necessary and... it is hello kitty wtf. Super cute and works fine so I think I am going to switch to this brand permanently.

It even has a ribbon embossed on the liner omg; I know it is pretty useless but it is cute~ Normally anything with hello kitty is more pricey but this isn't. Best thing right?

$1.20/20 pieces, Venus Causeway Point

3. L'oreal Ever Pure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Shampoo 

I recommended the colour protect conditioner in Jan 2015 favourites; I am still using it. Went ahead to purchase the shampoo version as I hope to 'preserve' my hair colour a bit longer. I used normal shampoo when I dyed red last year and the colour probably lasted me for... 4 days? This time round I did purple (or maybe purple pink) and though the color dropped, my hair is still pretty red after 3 weeks. I did change other things as well and I will lump everything in a separate haircare for coloured hair guide, do keep a look out if you are interested. I feel that it does help retain my hair colour a little longer so for those who are looking for a shampoo/conditioner for your newly dyed hair, do consider giving this a shot.

$9.90, Venus Causeway Point

4. Etude House Precious Minerals BB Cream Cotton Fit (W13 Natural Beige)

I always love Etude's BB creams as the finishes are really great and they are very affordable as well. I have gone through 2 tubes of Bright Fit (discontinued) and this is my first Cotton Fit. Cotton Fit is supposed to give a matte look and thus; more suitable for the humid and hot weather like what we have in Singapore. Coverage is decent, I believe this is a low-med to a low-high coverage, I hope you understand my nonsense here lol. In terms of lastingness it is not bad but there are two things I want to point out: 1. The BB cream transfers rather easily so give it more time to set or set it with setting powder (read below to see what I use~) and 2. Try the color before purchasing. The color I chose was too light for my face but I am still using it because I don't care. It oxidises over time so yup. The colors they have is rather limited too.

$25.90, Etude House Causeway Point

5. Innisfree Eco Brow Pencil (#3 Brown)

Well, I think I have recommended the eyebrow pencils from the 3 more popular Korean entry brands in Singapore. Do you want to see a comparison? Anyhow, Innisfree's brow pencil is very pigmented with pretty amazing lasting power. The colors they have is rather limited, and dark in general, so use a lighter eyebrow mascara to match your hair and brows. The spoolie at the other end makes tidying your brows a breeze. Another plus point is the amount of product. So so much for the price you are paying. 10 points!

$6, Innisfree Takashimaya

6. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask 

This is my life, especially for this couple of months. Pimples have been popping up this few months (I still don't know why!). At least I manage to control/dry them out using this volcanic mask. I use it almost daily as a spot treatment, pretty sure it is too much but I can't help myself, and once a week full face to clear out any junk stuck in my pores. I saw an improvement in my break outs and the rest of my face too! My skin is much cleaner and clearer whee I love this very much. Highly recommend anybody out there to try clay masks, any brands might be alright. :)

<25,000Won (200 mL), Innisfree Korea

7. Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder 

I have been skipping loose powders because it is a hassle to apply another something after foundation and stuff. Opened this for an event and I am so in love with powders again. Banila Co's finish powder is pretty popular in Korea make up industry and I can see why. The powder particles are finely milled and it helps to control sebum production on your skin. I don't feel the need to touch up or blot most of the time. It is a transparent/white powder so it will not affect your base make up. Finish is very smooth and velvety. I went on to purchase another compact setting powder after using this as this product is too big and bulky to be carried around. Let you guys know whether I like it or not next month hehee.

Banila Co Stores, Korea

Not comprehensive but I just want to write something before this month ends. Plus, I have not shared much about beauty recently. (see the burst of foodporn on my Instagram LOL). Been shuffling between my daily routines recently. I am still trying to find time to blog a little more~

Will put the rest in my next month's favourites!