Review: Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD Crayon + Swatch

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow AD (#01)

What: Eyebrow Crayon
Size: 0.2g (product)
Made in: Korea
Price: $5.90
Where to get: Etude House retail stores
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Colors available:
01 Black Brown
02 Grey Brown
03 Brown
04 Charcoal Grey
05 Grey
06 Black



How I use it:

1. Shape my brows with this eyebrow crayon, starting from the outer corner.
2. Fill in the eyebrows, especially at the back portion
3. Brush through using the spoolie attached

Quite standard/normal right.


etude house drawing eyebrow ad crayon review
Packaging of the eyebrow crayon

Sealed with a 'safety' sticker on the crayon side of the eyebrow pencil to ensure customers that  the product is new. 
You will see a spoolie at the other side. The caps loosen after a while so be careful not to lose them. I realised many with this kind of design/packaging have the same issue. 

etude house drawing eyebrow ad crayon review expiry date

Something I appreciate the fact that they printed the expiry date on the cap itself instead of the plastic wrapper (though this crayon does not come with that). I can keep track more easily when I can refer to the date anytime.

Stars: ★★★★☆


etude house drawing eyebrow ad crayon review
Attached spoolie

I've included this in my favourites here because Etude House drawing eyebrow AD is very affordable and does its job. However, the spoolie that comes along with that eyebrow crayon is very tough/rough on skin. This is actually my second one and I am happy to say the quality of the spoolie improved! The 'new' spoolie is so much softer on skin. Not sure if they improved the quality or I got a bad piece the previous time. Nonetheless, 5 marks for convenience!

Stars: ★★★★

Amount of product

etude house crayon eyebrow pencil product

This is the maximum it can go. Not a lot right? But I used the same eyebrow crayon for a year or so, while sharing it with my sis. Super amazing ahah.

Stars: ★★★★


01 is a darker brown and I used it when my hair is black and brown.
It is a little too dark for my hair colour now but I still use it on some occasion. Check out the swatch. 

Etude House eyebrow crayon swatch
Etude House eyebrow crayon swatch

Another thing worth noting is you can draw on your skin with this eyebrow crayon. This is rather important to me as I draw on the skin around my eyebrows to straighten and thicken them. You will see later. 
Those that does not show up on skin is not my type of eyebrow pencil.

Stars: ★★★★☆

Angled tip

etude house eyebrow crayon angled tip
Thick thin crayon tip

The triangular tip makes it very easy to shape the brows. I can draw and fill in like a pro with this angled tip.

Stars: ★★★★☆


etude house drawing eyebrow crayon ad swatch 01 black brown

Here's a swatch of the brows. Very natural looking. Color will match dark brown to black hair well. 

etude house drawing eyebrow crayon before after swatch

You can't deny how crucial eyebrows are. My brows are naturally curved so I have to draw slightly outwards to create the straight brow look, if you get what I mean.

Even if I skip foundation that day, I will make sure I fill in my brows. 

Stars: ★★★★☆

Lasting power

Not too bad but I wouldn't say it will not budge at all. Some did came off after my exercise/throughout the day. I am not particularly bothered by it though. 

Stars: ★★★.5☆☆ (3.5/5)

The Verdict:

The price and the quality make Etude House eyebrow crayon a good to have in your make up stash. It is a good beginner piece - very forgiving and easy to master. It is extremely difficult to create a pair of perfectly symmetrical eyebrows thus choosing the right tool will really help a lot. The thin-thick crayon tip makes it simpler to achieve that.  Color available are generally good for natural/dark hair people. For those with lighter hair, go for brown and top it up with lighter eyebrow mascara. This is probably the closest you can get.


- Affordable
- Good amount of product
- Nature finish 
- Angled tip, easy drawing
- Attached spoolie
- Shows on skin


- Average lasting power
- Limited colour selection
- Cap may loosen over time

Rating: 8.5/10

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