Hello Kitty Run 2015

Guess what? Gin brought me along as +1 for HK run 2015 :)

Hello Kitty Run 2015

I remembered seeing Hello Kitty run last year but I did not join because none of my friends were interested. I (used to be) a HK fan but the craze died down over the years. Nonetheless, it was still a great evening spent.

The collection of run pack was done 1 week before in Funan Digital Mall. Boy it was heavy. It consisted of a very handy hello kitty shoe bag, 2 cans of milk sodas, 1 bottle of yummy fruity drink, some beauty samples (like shampoo and conditioner from Essential), magazine by Women's weekly, vouchers, cookies and candy... I had a hard time dragging the bag to yoga then home that day lol.

Anyhow, back to the event itself. 

Hello Kitty run is a 5 km fun run. They held the runners at The Float. It was spacious enough and overall, everything was well organised and smooth. 

Since this is a cutesy run, we 'dressed' up a little. 

jjoyis jie lin ginevi hello kitty run sg
Very mild compared to some!

They had carnival games for the participants so we played a couple of them. Went for a few rounds for some just to win.. a candy hahaaa. The queue wasn't long except the photo printing service. We gave that a miss.

There were a lot of pretty backdrops around for you to take photos with anyway. 

jjoyis jie lin ginevi hello kitty run 2015
With Kitty Christmas Tree

hello kitty run 2015 review
One more!

jjoyis jie lin ginevi hello kitty run 2015
Kitty and Bear?

Seriously where did the bear come from?
But it's cute so it's fine. 

hello kitty run 2015 love
Photobomb x 100 times ~

hello kitty run 2015 finish backdrop

This is actually my favourite photo from that day~ We copied the pose from the group of girls before us hahaaa. This is called 'learning from experienced' lol.

The organisers set up a 'foam' party at the finishing line but no photos. Realised I took more selfie/wefie that day.

Cold refreshments were provided after you have passed the finishing line.

hello kitty 2015 run medal
Hello kitty medal 2015!
The medal is really adorable! And the nails Crystal painted for me < 3

jjoyis hello kitty run

It was a great evening. 
I am not sure if there will be another similar event next year but go if there is. I mean, there is a kitty in every girl's heart right? :p