[Sponsored Review]: Skin Shaper Club Facial

I have not been to facial for a really long time - ever since I lost the contact of the facial lady and I am afraid to test out new places.

So when I receive an invitation to try out Skin Shape Club's facial, I hesitated. Luckily I gave a green light then!

facial orchard singapore

Skin Shape Club started in April this year but it has already won the hearts of many, including myself. The treatment I tried is called 'Skin Shaper facial' using FDA-approved Light & Heat Energy (LHE) technology.

LHE is much milder compared with laser and IPL thus it has no downtime (you will see later), gentle and quick 30 minutes skin treat. LHE helps with acne and dark circle issue too. The only drawback is that you need to be patient and stay through 6-12 sessions for visible, long-lasting results.

Who is suitable?

Generally for anyone and everyone. Those with darker skin tone should consult the therapists there before treatments though.

My first visit:

Appointment started pretty on time and Audrey was my consultant.

Some japanese tea and a towel to freshen up while I fill in the form.


1. Filled in the mandatory details 
Regarding health and whatnot. After which, Audrey came in, took my height and weight, explained the procedures briefly and we were off to the room.

2. Cleansing
Remove any traces of make up, dirt on skin. Avoid wearing heavy make when you're heading for facial. So some sunscreen and concealer (if needed) will be enough.

3. LHE
This is something new to me. Basically, it is a treatment whereby light and heat is used to treat your skin. Slightly hot and it feels like rubber band snapping lightly on your skin. Once you get use to the sensation, it will be alright. There will be a slight chaota smell but not to worry, it is not painful or anything like that.

4. Mask
I think mine is clay mask. It supposedly helps to to purify skin and tighten pores.

1. Friendly staff

The staff there, namely Audrey and Jasmine, is so friendly and nice

Both of them are super friendly and nice and I really enjoyed chatting with them during my facials. They are not pushy and gave me a lot of personal space when I needed it.

Audrey even went an extra mile to treat my chapped, sad lips for me!

2. Nice environment

Clean, small but cozy.

This is a heater bed (or is it bed warmer, I'm not sure :p) and it is super comfortable.

3. Lounge access

A pretty fresh idea. Skin Shape Club dedicated a big space for members to enjoy and chill after facial.

skin shape club

skin shape club

skin shape club lounge
Magazines and reviews

skin shape club orchard central
My favourite spot to chill
Because there is a huge mirror and the lighting is extra awesome, selfies, selfies and a lot of selfies. 

Some refreshments
Which I've never had before. You can check with the staff before helping yourself to them. 

wall sticker skin shape clbu

skin shape club view
It's a drain but still not a bad view right

4. Light Refreshments

Another special thing about Skin Shaper Club is that they will serve you some light refreshments after pampering your skin. Don't worry about going hungry here haha. 


The rest of other 3 visits were yogurt.


Not that I don't like it just that it is a tad predictable after a while haha. 

The first visit took longer as there was registration etc but the subsequent visits were fast and hassle-free. Let's move on to the last part of this review... THE RESULTS

4. Results

Pardon my bareface, which is quite cui. All photos are not edited, not even lighting.

skin shape club results

Really helped reduced my dark circles though you cannot really see from the photos!!

skin shape club results

Tighter, brighter, clearer skin! And lips omg.
You can see very little redness too. I really cannot stand dealing with the redness, dark spots and stuff like that after facials.

Right after facial - redrew my eyeliner

The 3rd session: (no photos from second session, just because...)

Conceal undereye, eyebrow, eyeliner and lip colour!

jjoyis skin shape club sample store
After facial

jjoyis no make up

jjoyis jie lin

I went to work without any make up for a couple of days after the second and third treatment as my skin felt and looked good. Anyway I am supposed to avoid make up/oily/alcohol products 48h after treatment. 

However, the day before my fourth session, I had a terrible allergy reaction/break out from a product test. Blogging about beauty is not a bed of roses, nothing is anyway. 

So I went to Skin Shape Club with a lot of tiny itchy bumps. 

Jasmine did extraction for me during that session. No extraction in the first three sessions btw. It will leave your skin clean but I am never a big fan of extractions because I have to deal with the dark spots and scars for a long time.

Nonetheless, my skin felt a lot better 1 hour later.

Left: Before | Right: After a 1 week

No longer itchy and bumpy (LOL) but as you can see, I've leftover dark spots to deal with. Sad to say I am still trying to fade that few darker scars but they are getting better!

So this is my journey with Skin Shape Club. I am thinking of signing a package (call 6589 8331 and I am sure they will give you a good deal) with them. One very interesting concept they are promoting is a 3-months membership. Apparently you can do unlimited facials and even IPL if you are a member. The price is reasonable considering how expensive facials and IPL can get outside. On top of that, the therapists provide excellent customer care and you have access to the beautiful, comfortable lounge situated in the facial place. However, the only thing that is holding me back is the commitment level. For the first couple of sessions, it is advisable for you to do a weekly facial - which is pretty out for me - to reap the full benefits of this treatment.

Sadly the free trial is fully redeemed but you can call up the outlet to check out the first timer promotion. If I remember correctly, the price is very affordable.

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