What's up

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Hi! It has been a while, hasn't it? My SOTW (see tag > if you're interested) stopped abruptly. Thus, many kaypoh peeps aka busybodies must be wondering what happened to me. NOTHING! I spent most of my time productively and procrastination/nua time is something quite foreign to me now. Ha!

A quick overview of what happened thus far.

In May 2015...

I finished my exams and put a full stop to my year 3 student life. Year 3 was full of challenges but I love it. I finally feel the kick of studying hard. It feels really good to work hard for something. Then I visited Korea again. I know, I love Korea hehee. Went with my family and I enjoyed our time together. Let's see when I will write about it..... Oh ya birthday. What did I do? Cannot remember :p
I also started my an internship totally different, something I've never dreamt of doing. Nonetheless, it turned out great! I met many fun people and friends. It was a short 1 month but in this month I have learned and changed so much. Might even change my life for good; we will see.

In June 2015...

Finished the internship I started a month or so ago. Took some exams here and there, did a lot of different things, took another student just because, found my important friend?, realised how much I have missed out and the most important thing is to see things in a different light.

In July 2015...

Started my semester internship. Chemistry seems so distant right now but I am still trying to try harder. Met a lot of new and old friends and I had fun. It was a tiring July but I cannot deny how fulfilling it felt. I barely have the energy/time to come online because sleep/family time is so precious. Thank you for staying with me :D

In August 2015...

Happy birthday Singapore!! Okay this is totally random. Almost halfway through Aug and all I can say is ... packed. I have a lot of plans to share but let's just say it is not the time yet. Heheee.

I think I have shared enough. Anything else you wish to know (like what I eat daily..?) hop over to Insta/Dayre to find out.