Food: Tonkatsu by Ma Maison, Westgate

tonkatsu by ma maison westgate

Wanted something nice for lunch yesterday so we went to a Tonkatsu (pork cutlet?) restaurant in Westgate. It is quite hard to decide what to eat in the West as this area is filled with good food.

Majority of the dishes served in Tonkatsu Bistro by Ma Maison are fried/deep fried. Decided to go for the lunch deal of the day.

tonkatsu by ma maison westgate radish starter
Radish Starter (complimentary)

The staff mentioned having radish before a meal aids digestion. Actually raw plain radish does not taste very good. I had it with some soy sauce and Goma dressing. 
Goma dressing is so good - I got a bottle from Cold Storage yesterday :)

tonkatsu by ma maison westgate food

Top left is the Goma sauce I am talking about. Wouldn't even know if Jody didn't tell me about it. 

Daily Set Lunch ($16.80++)
Soup, Multigrain rice, Pork cutlet (120g) and Salad

Sauce of the day - Salted spring onions 

I think the sauce of the day made the pork cutlet a little too salty. I mixed it in my salad but the saltiness still lingered on the surface of the cutlet. The Tonkatsu is fried to perfection and I love how crispy the outer layer it is. 

However, as you can see, the meat part is a tad dry. The right side will melt in your mouth because it is duh fats. It okay to sin once in a while. 

rice brown rice tonkatsu by ma maison

Actually, I like everything more than Tonkatsu itself. Not a fan of fried stuff in general. 
And please take a moment to appreciate the multigrain rice. Every grain is separated and glistening. So love. 

The salad is very good as well because it is finely cut and Goma sauce. I have to put a capital G for the sauce because it is my new obsession right now. 

The miso soup is not salty so I like it too.

tonkatsu by ma maison jelly dessert
Jelly Dessert

The jelly is super, super bouncy. It is super smooth and great to end a meal with. Glad it is not too sweet. 

Overall, the lunch set is pretty worth it - you get a drink (rice tea?), the set and a dessert at $16.80. Rice, Salad, drink and soup is free flow. The staff and even chefs are friendly (open concept kitchen) so I really enjoyed my meal there. I will probably give the multi-layer cutlet a try next time round. It should be more juicy and tender haaa.

Tonkatsu Bistro by Ma Maison

3 Gateway Drive, Westgate
Tel no.: 6465 9556
Nearest MRT: Jurong East