August Favourites 2015

This month's favourite came early! Not a lot of things to mention I'm sorry - the things I've tried thus far mostly hover between not bad and awesome.

Forgot to label the products so my sequence will be from top left > top right > bottom left > bottom right. And it is not that tough to figure out right haaaa.

1. Miss En Scene Perfect Oil

If you've bee following the Korean trends and favourites, this is very likely nothing new at all. Got a bunch of this while I was in Korea with my family purely based on the 1001 raves I have read online. No regrets. This deserves a separate review but let me briefly summarise what I like about the hair oil. It is thick, nourishing but not oily. Makes my hair tame and healthy looking without weighing it down. There, everything I look for in a hair product.

5,500W (~$7SGD), Korea
(got it when it was on sale)

2. The Face Shop Mascara (#1 Curling)

Scored this during my trip to Korea last year. Actually I picked it up because it was 2,900W. Hello I mean where can you find a 2,900W (~SGD$4) mascara in Singapore? From a legit brand that is. I triple confirmed with the sales girl that this mascara is waterproof because I cannot live with anything not waterproof on my eyes. The effect is nice and it is very easy to remove too. I've a close up on how my lashes look like (1 coat) in the Biore post I wrote previously. One thing worth noting is that it is a wet formulation; avoid using on lower lashes unless you are dressing up as a panda for Halloween.

2,900W (~$4SGD), Korea

3. Flower2 Grass2 Berrily Me Eye Cream

Full review on this Berrily me eye cream is already up so I don't want to dwell on this too much. I caught myself reaching for this day and night for the past month mainly for two reasons. First, I ran out my usual eye cream. Two, it seems to work. I realise I need to conceal less after using this regularly. Plus, it is moisturising enough for my dry under eye area. Overall, Flower2 Grass2 offers decent products. Passed my friend the rose water spray sample I've received from Preloot and she enjoys it too.

I am thinking should I bag the full size product because it is on a crazy 30% sale. I tried using the promo code(Hi5jjoyis iirc) Preloot gave me and it still works so it is 30 + 5%.... Tempting.

$58, Lootstore
Price before discount

4. Tony Moly Delight Tint (#1 Red)

Ah story again. Got this a year ago while mass shopping with buff. Walked into Tony Moly as she wanted to get something. I was bored so I went to test out the products from the counter but walked out without anything but the swatches of different products on my hand (Never had a good impression of TM, not sure why). Hopped in and out of some other stores testing and buying but most of them pales in comparison with the delight tint. I finally caved in and told buff "I NEED to get this". This year, I went back to purchase the rest of the colours from the same line, 2 others only btw, and got some more to distribute around.

This tint is very pigmented with rather impressive lasting power. By far one of my favourite tints.

3000+W, Korea

You can get most of the products from their respective Singapore retail stores. I know it is irritating when the product is harder, by hard I mean cannot find in Watsons or what, to find. But everything is possible with globalisation yo.