Review: The Face Shop Chia Seed Cleansing Wipes

The Face Shop Chia Seed Cleansing Tissue

What: Make up cleansing wipes
Suitable for: -
Pieces: 50/pack
Scent: Scented
Made in: Korea
Price: 3950W (SGD$4.90)
Where to get: The Face Shop outlets


1. Embossed wipes that cleanse skin deeply and thoroughly



How I use it:

1. Pull out a sheet from the pack
2. Wipe 
3. Go over once again if necessary
4. Make a derp face because it feels so good to let your skin breathe again LOL


One thing I am very particular about cleansing wipes is how they are packaged.

Glad this chia seed wipes come with a plastic 'lid' thing on top of the resealable opening. Many of the wipes I have tried, though not reviewed, dried up faster than I expected without it. The Face Shop one is still pretty moist even couple of months.

PS: Just realised I am supposed to remove the seal. But who cares it works anyway!

Another thing I want to point out is that one side of the wipe is grooved while the other side is smooth. The grooved side is probably quite nice to give your skin a little 'exfoliation'/deep cleaning.  Okay la I am not very sure; just know it anyway~

It comes in a pack of 50 and if I remember correctly, travel size pack too.

Stars: ★★★.5☆ (4.5/5)

Cleansing properties

It is not too bad; takes off a good 90% of whatever I have on my face. I typically wear two layers of everything so I am not complaining.

This is how much product left after using the wipe. Not too bad.
Not great at removing waterproof mascaras but it does a pretty wonderful job.

I used Bifesta cleansing water to show you how much product is left.

Currently using this version

Stars: ★★☆ 


Full face - after a whole day outside

Eye make


Eye make up removal
Both are 'after' photos. As mentioned, it does not remove waterproof mascaras very well. I am using Heroine Make mascara if you are wondering.

Can see most of my base and other stuff are gone. Bad skin day btw, a lot of tiny pimples on my forehead thanks to crazy hormones.

Stars: ★★

Harsh on skin

I am not sure why but this cleansing wipe will sting my face on bad days, i.e. when it is more sensitive or dry. This is especially so during my holiday in Korea (my sis mentioned the same thing too). Moral of the story: make sure your skin is not flaking or peeling before you use this.


The Verdict:

It is impossible to like every single product from a particular brand. I am sorry The Face Shop but this cleansing tissue is most likely not for me nor people who peels easily (perhaps you have dry skin like I do). The cleansing properties is pretty decent; I have used some that really cannot make it. For people who put on light make up, this is perhaps more suitable for you. I bought it during my trip to Korea because cleansing wipes are much more convenient than lugging 101 different removers around. I am currently trying to finish it so what I do is either I will use a stronger cleanser to deep cleanse or I will just go over again with the Bifesta cleansing water as shown above. Sometimes I will just use two sheets - but I don't recommend doing this because it can make my skin more sensitive/stingy lol.

Rating: 5.5/10
Will not repurchase