Preloot - It Is All About Product Discovery

Remember the posts I wrote regarding Flower2 Grass2 and Basic Theory products? They are actually sent over from Preloot.

Preloot is a rather new beauty sampling platform and I would say I am pretty impressed so far. They offer a good selection of samples for men and women, from skincare to body care to even fragrances.

Your samples will be promptly shipped and they are nicely packaged in a thick brown box with Preloot's logo inked on. 

This is how I feel about Preloot:

1. No subscription required

Which I like, no commitments required. You can choose to check out samples only when you see something you want to test out.

2. Quality samples

Are you sick of receiving a tiny sachet of 1 ml product? How can you really tell whether they are good or not if you can only use it for... 1 day? 

Preloot offers samples of a decent size for you to test it out.

These are some from Flower2 Grass2! 

3. 5 deluxe samples for $8.99?

Let's pause for a moment, I mean where do you find 5 deluxe samples in Singapore for such an affordable pricee? Plus it ships right to your doorsteps. 

4. Support local

Go local and go home, give local brands a chance. Remember to check out these naturally-made products, especially if you have slightly more sensitive or problematic skin. 

prelate sampling how to use

1. Pick 5 samples
2. Receive
3. Rate and review for Lootpoints
4. Purchase full-sized products if you like it!

One more place to try before you buy ^^ Hop over to Preloot and see is there anything for you. 
Good things must share right! 
You can also sign up here

If you are interested in purchasing the full-sized products, 
mention 'HI5JJJOYIS' for 5% off :)