May - July Collective Favourites 2015

3 months in a post! Because I have been trying so little things recently.

So a quick update. Month of May was exams (and I am happy I did decently well ^^) and Korea trip, June was summer internship while July was semester internship. So basically I was, and still am, drowning in a sea of unfinished tasks and obligations but I am fine. Better than nothing to do right?
Do you miss me rambling away here? I actually do - there is way too many reviews/sponsored posts and whatsoever right? I am sorry! Nonetheless, I hope they are helpful to people who wish to find out more about a certain something. 

Okay nuff' said, let's move on to my 3 months worth of favourite products. The number is disappointing and many are things I have been using and loving for a really long time.

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1. Heroine Make Mascara (Volume and curl)

Heroine is hands down one of the best mascaras I have tried. It makes my lashes super long and thick, like fake lashes. The formulation is waterproof but it will still smudge if I were to put it on my lower lashes #oilyeyesproblem One coat for daily look and two for nights out etc. 

Cannot remember the price but it is available in all major toiletries stores. 

2. Etude House Proof 10 Eye Primer

Contemplated for quite some time because this primer makes my eyeshadows crease/chalky, which is pretty weird. I put this up because when I use it along my upper lash line before eyeliner (liquid one btw), the line can stay all day. Without the primer, the eyeliner will be gone. I mainly focus on eyeliner and mascara for my day to day look so ensuring my eyeliner last the whole day is very important to me. 

3. Innisfree mask

Picked a lot of them up when I was in Korea. Sale! 450W(70 cents?)! I love Korea man. 
Anyway, the sheet is thin and there is a lot of essence in each pack. My skin always feel much better after masking with Innisfree.

4. Senka Perfect Whip

This is my third bottle. It says a lot when I repurchase things. This cleanses my face very well and it has helped me shrunk and cleared out my clogged pores. It is very fun to foam it up before using. Not drying for my skin too! 

5. Rosken Bio Serum 

This is an oil formulation but it does not make your skin oily. Absorbs very well and quickly into skin. It is very hydrating and this saved my life while I was in Korea (it's so dry there).

6. Median Original Toothpaste

My dad bought this while we were shopping in Korea. I guess that's the only few things he is interested in haaa. This toothpaste is quite special as there are microbeads inside. Something quite new, at least to me! Clears well but it does not maintain the whiteness of the teeth throughout the day, sadly. 

7. Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

Been through so many bottles of this. I would say the effect is not prominent in the first few months but over time, my skin texture improved. It is very light thus it can be absorbed easily. Sometimes I will soak a cotton pad and apply this like a mask. 

Cannot remember the prices for most of this list as many are bought quite some time back. Most Korean brands are bought in Korea while 1, 3 and 4 can be found in Watsons. 

Hope you will find something for you as well! 

Thanks for reading!