Sponsored Review: The Balm Mr Write (Now) Crayon Eyeliners + Swatches

The Balm Cosmetics Mr Write (Now) Crayon Eyeliners

What: crayon eyeliners
Finish: Matte
Price: $33.90
Where to buy: Sasa outlets, Selectiv @ Orchard

Colours available:

Dark Grey, Nude, Dark Brown, Navy Blue, Olive Green, Black, Deep Purple


The Balm Crayon Eyeliner Swatches


Comes in an interesting box! The products are packaged just like any eyeliner crayons in the market, nothing fancy.

The Balm Crayon Eyeliner

The colour of the caps correspond to the colour of the liners; thus it makes finding a specific colour much easier. Quite nice as you can find the colour you want from one glance.



Quite a lot!



Damn matte, sorry I had to use that word.



Very creamy and glides on easily. Be careful don't twist too much product up at a go as you can break the crayon (Which I did LOL).


Lasting power

I'm probably not the best person to review this because my eye area is so, damn oily. Even liquid eyeliners of super waterproof mascaras also risk smudging at the end of the day. A primer underneath can make it last much longer than without, I am using Etude House Proof 10 eye primer.

I am fairly impressed because 9 out of 10 crayon liners I've used failed me but this did fairly well.


Color selection

There is a good selection of staple and exciting colours. I like all of them a lot. Hmm Nude is my least favourite out of everything because it feels like concealer to me.



I guess I don't have to say very much, just look at the swatches above and you will know. The color is super opaque.



I tried rubbing really hard across the swatches and...

Still intact! I know some parts smudged but you have to note that 1. I applied quite a bit of product for each swatch hence it can take a while to dry and all and 2. I rubbed it really hard.

Stars: ★.5☆(4.5/5)

Waterproof test

Did not photograph this section but I can safely say The Balm's liners are swimming-pool friendly. Tried running my swatches under water and nothing budge at all.



All you have to do is twist the product up, very convenient. Having said that, a small tip sharpener can be included.

Tip sharpener from Clio

It is not the most useful thing but it is better than nothing.
The tip of the eyeliner gets too blunt to draw a precise line.

Blunt vs Sharp tip eyeliner


The Verdict:

This is possibly one of the best crayon liners I have tried. Very easy to use, easy to apply. The colours are so matte and so gorgeous. I love to use them on top of my liquid liner to make it appear less harsh. The more interesting colors - namely purple, navy blue, olive green etc - give my face a pop of colour with minimum effort. This is my lazy look essential. However, crayon liners don't last that long for me so it is kind of sad :( One thing to note is that The Balm's eyeliners are a tad more expensive than my usual eyeliners. If you do not mind spending a bit more for the quality you get, remember to hop down to SASA stores/Selectiv @ Orchard to try it for yourself.

They are, like The Balm Nude 2 eyeshadow palette, going on a 20% sale till 28 June (iirc). Do not miss this good deal!

Rating: 8.5/10

*Thank you SasaSingapore for providing The Balm products for review :)*