Review: Miacare Acne Patch (Day)

Miacare Acne Patch (for Day)

What: Pimple/acne patch
Great for: Reducing the size of an angry breakout
Pieces: 12
Made in: not stated
Price: $4.50
Where to get: Guardian stores
Available in: Night (12 pieces), Day-Night (12+6 pieces)


1. Fast recovery without scarring
2. Ultra thin 
3. Suitable under makeup
4. High absorption to acne pus

How To Use:



Miacare Acne Patch for Day

Each of the patch can be easily separated from the rest to use. They are however not individually sealed and I feel that it is not that necessary as well. The whole batch comes in a sealed package; sadly you cannot reseal it.

Stars: ★★★.5☆ (4.5/5)


Give it a 10! I realised many people use pimple patches regularly during Summer in Korea.
However, it is so obvious and I end up staring at their spot more than I should lol.

Miacare pimple patch is different - it is so skin like!

Miacare Acne patch trial

You will certainly see it on but it does not jump out at you.
I know it doesn't look convincing at all (read below to find out why) but it is really not bad. On top of that, it is ultra thin! I love anything ultra thin hahaha.

Anyhow I stuck it off centre because I have another small pimple around #killtwopimpleswithonepatchLOL

Stars: ★★


I don't know why I always fail at this. Had to pull out to reapply every single time other than my first trial. I will try harder next time! The first time was so invisible and good I can't even. I am still giving it a 4.5 because I think it is most likely just me wth.

Stars: ★★★.5☆(4.5/5)


Every time when a big spot is spotted (LOL), pull this one and stick this over the sinner.

Stars: ★★★


I've used other acne patches but this is by far the most hygienic one. Each patch is individually packed and if you use it correctly, you will greatly reduce the need of touching those spots with your hands.

Unless you are like me haha.

Stars: ★★★


I've the tendency to scratch/squeeze my pimples (fml) so the acne patch really serves me well. My itchy hands >.<

Stars: ★★★

Healing properties

It helps to drain really huge pimples pretty quickly but it doesn't work for 'headless' ones. The patch will turn white once it absorbs the pus and you ought to change it after 12 hours.

Stars: ★★★


The price is fine but I cannot deny it is a tad pricey (sometimes breakouts don't come in just one or two). There is only 12 patches per pack hence I may have to repurchase quite frequently.

Stars: ★★★

The Verdict

Generally speaking, Miacare acne patch care is possibly the best acne patch I have used thus far. The day one is soo thin and invisible. It helps to deswell angry acne by a good 70-80% after 1 use. It will definitely cost quite a bit if you use it regularly. I normally only use it on really bad spots, the rest/smaller ones I will stick to my usual spot treatment cream. I did not document anything regarding scar treatment because I... honestly can't. My spots always appear around the same region so it is quite hard to monitor. And I am yup quite lazy to as well. :p

BTW I first heard of this brand during TheSampleStore launch party. (WILL TO RELOAD THE PHOTOS). Tried the samples provided, like it thus I went on to purchase some.

- Very invisible 
- Ultra thin
- Protects against bacteria
- Prevent scratching/squeezing 

- Can be pricey
- May need 2 applications to clear spot thoroughly
- Does not work well for blind pimples

Rating: 9.5/10
Will repurchase