Food: JJ Thai Cuisine, Sembawang

JJ Thai Cuisine is a cozy little place along Sembawang, opposite SSC (Sembawang Shopping Centre). They serve really good and very pocket-friendly Thai food. Service is prompt and the place is clean and comfortable. We had to queue for a while on a Saturday night but it was all worthwhile!

If you are looking for a place to dine in in the North, you can probably check JJ Cuisine out. No GST and service charge too!

Stir-fried Kang Kong with Sambal ($6)
Not too spicy and the serving is great for sharing. 

Mango Sticky Rice ($5.50)
The mango sticky rice is rather average. The mango sticky rice is served with generous portion of coconut milk, which is either a make or break. The rice is not as fragrant as I like it to be.  Not a must-have but good to have.

Stir-fried Chicken with Basil Leaves ($8)
Not too bad, the Basil taste is really strong in this dish. If you don't like herbs then this is probably not for you. Overall it is fine for our tastebuds. I think I will order the one done with pork the next time I visit JJ Cuisine.

Clear Tom Yum Soup - Seafood ($8)
We got the clear one instead of the thick base one. The Tom Yum soup tasted more sour than spicy; thus it makes a good starter. I like this a lot. :) One portion can be shared among 2-3 people.

Phad Thai ($5)

This is my favourite out of everything we've ordered that night. In fact, this is one of my favourite Phad Thais around. It has a good balance of flavours, texture, good serving size and fresh ingredients. Must try at JJ Thai Cuisine!

Last, Thai ice tea. I love it.
It goes perfectly with the spices from the Thai food we had. If it is too sweet, wait for the ice to melt before drinking. I find it alright but some of my friends find it a tad too sweet.

The barley drink is light but too tasteless for me.

JJ Thai Cuisine menu:

JJ Thai Cuisine (Semb) menu 1
JJ Thai Cuisine (Semb) menu 2
Not sure why the menu is so blur here. Check out their Facebook page for clear photos!

It was a satisfying night at the place. And it is possible to find yummy food in the North yup. In fact, Sembawang area (beside SSC) has a lot of foodie places! I will definitely be back to try other dishes/try other places.

JJ Thai Cuisine, Sembawang

(opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre, beside the famous Sembawang Bai Mee Fen)
8 Jalan Legundi Unit #01-10, Victory 8

Tel: 6484 4110

It is not so accessible unless you drive, hard to park btw.
Public Transport: take 858 from Woodlands Bus Interchange
SSC Shuttle bus: 
(Took this for my own reference; sorry the quality is not up to standard :x)

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