April Favourites 2015

Sorry for my long hiatus! Just a little bit more, please bear with me. Not in shape to mug so I thought might as well write something for you guys! Some of my favourite things last month aka EXAMS month. 

1. Khao Shong 3-in-1 coffee mix 

What is exams without coffee LOL. Literally survive on caffeine (I know it is bad) for two weeks or so. Some coffees give me very bad gastric but this one is fine! Taste pretty good as well ^^ 

Mum bought it from BKK I think, not sure how much or from where but at least I got the brand yo.

2. Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion #23 

This is my go-to BB cream/cushion for the past month or so. Medium coverage but what I like about it is the oil control function! It is more matte than more cushions or BB creams I have tried. I don't have to touch up even when I am out studying for the whole day or whatsnot. 

$59, Luxola

3. Secret Key Snail+EGF Repairing Gel Cream 

This one! Super love! I usually suffer from exams breakout (lack sleep, no exercise, poor diet you know) but this time I am pretty free from all that crap. All thanks to this snail cream. Secret Key is probably my most used Korean skincare brand because their products are so good. 

Bought it so so long ago I forgot the price already! 

4. Ryo Hamvit Camellia Seed Oil Treatment 

Current favourite hair treatment. Smell is okayish but it really helped keep my hair so soft and shiny. It doesn't affect my hair colour as well. 

6,000W? from Korea

5. Yadah Lipgloss in Cherry Ade #3

I think this is discontinued but I love the colour so much! It is not sticky like some other lip glosses. The color does transfer easily so I need to reapply (If I am not lazy enough lol) quite frequently. 
Does not sink into lip lines and smells great too. 

Just a quick one! Anything you love as well? :)


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    1. oppps accidentally removed your comment! I don't know which to start with!! So many and I heard some pigmentations not as good as others. :d