Sunday Weekly Bites #15

I barely remember what happened this week. Went for lessons and stuff like that, dinner at a HK cafe with XJ and SW on Thursday and I was really moody that day. It has been a while. Guess the stress is catching up as the days to finals draw nearer. On a happier note, 1 more month to the 3 months break.

It occurred to me that I was going through the motion - of studying. I wasn't studying because I want to learn, I was studying because I want to get the exams over and done with. What kind of crappy mindset is that?

I hope I managed to re-orientate myself. It troubles me as I saw I inadequate I am but at the same time challenges give me so much joy. I took 3 years to see it; definitely late but better than never.

Let's not continue this conversation for I might go on blabbering about the stereochemistry or you know stuff like that. :p

Anyway, I sent in my Internship application for next semester as well. I hope I get my first choice! It is something I am rather interested in and this is a good chance to see whether I am a good fit in the industry. Keeping my fingers crossed.
Speaking of internship, I will be tying up with another place during summer (totally new and out of my comfort zone). I thought it is a really great opportunity for me to try something totally not my thing you see. I ought to step out of my bubble. We will see how it goes!

This is quite a different SOTW, isn't it? Do you like it?
And those are random photos I took before I fell asleep on a bench for 2 hours yesterday LOL.