March Favourites 2015

Sigma | Air puff | Etude House | Secret Key | Holika Holika

1. F80 Flat Head Kabuki Sigma Brush

The dense yet soft brush creates the perfect base every.single.time. I cannot stress how much I love this brush. It sheds a bit, think I got a bad batch, but it works as well! Great for BB cream, foundation, powder and loose powder. Sometimes I use this is blend my undereye concealer too. It is a little too bulky for the small area but it works. Not too hard to clean so don't worry. And somehow my foundation lasted much longer when I blend with this brush than my fingers. Flawless finish is so easy with it. I totally understand all the hype about it now.

$35, Luxola

2. Air Cushion Sponge

If I am not using my F80 flat head kabuki brush, I am using this air cushion puff. Actually I use this more often than the brush. You will love the finish this puff gives if you're into dewy, korean-ish skin.  It blends everything super well too - BB cream, concealers, foundations and CC creams. I don't think it will work with powders though. The downside is this puff soaks up quite a bit of product so it is kind of wasteful. I also wanted to comment on how difficult it is to clean this sponge until I found this:

You saved practically every cushion lover's life! I don't think you should squeeze it the way he did though; the puff can 'crack'. If you are worried, you can go on and wash it with some of your puff cleanser (I am using Daiso puff detergent, which is amazing).

3. Etude House Wonder Pore Freshener

Almost out of this. I have been reaching for this every morning because I am decided cleanse with a cleanser only once a day. Some on a cotton pad lift off any dirt and excess oil on my skin and the cooling effect is pretty nice in the morning too. Sometimes I use this at night to make sure no junk is left on my face even after removing my make up with a make up remover. My skin feels cleaner after using it for quite some time and I suffer from less clogged pores now.

I understand the new version is 10-in- but I am still using the old 7-in-1. Heard there isn't much difference so grab the 10-in-1 if you cannot find the older version.

$25 (250 mL), Etude House Singapore

4. Secret Key Hydro Lifting Ampoule

My skin will immediately show every time I don't get enough sleep. In what sense? It sags LOL. My laugh lines will be so obvious, my skin will lack elasticity and in general, it just look bad. I feel and look 10 years older or something. This bad. Ever since I started incorporating this into my skincare regime, my face still look firm even when I don't get enough beauty sleep. Do not get me wrong - sleep enough if you can. If you can't, at least you look like you did. It is a short-term solution, my emergency secret weapon.

Secret Key has some of many amazing products. I like their Multi Cell Night Repair(Review) too. I will probably do a compare & contrast between this two products when I have the time!
One thing I cannot stand is the smell. Smells like..... dishwashing liquid or what. I don't like it at all.

$19.90 (30 mL), Qoo10

5. Holika Holika Pro: Beauty Bloody Oil Tint (PK102)

This is one of the best lip tints I've tried. It lasts really long and the colour is gorgeous! Moreover, this oil-infused tint is moisturising so it is good for dry lips as well. The finish is not glossy nor matt and it does not feel like anything on the lips. I am not sure whether you can find it in Singapore yet. You can check out the Holika Holika counter in Wisma etc.

7,900W, Holika Holika Korea

That's all for my March favourites. Not many but a lot of them are things I love for a long time. See you again in my April favourites!