Food Review: Legendary Hong Kong 香港饮食, Jurong Point

Legendary Hong Kong 香港饮食 is like a tip of the iceberg. The entrance of the restaurant is really small and I actually missed it even walking by twice haha. The restaurant can house quite a fair bit of people.

It is a Hong Kong restaurant located in Jurong Point, JP.  

Hong Kong Style Tea & Coffee Mix ($2.80)

Or better known as Yuan Yang. Not too sweet which I like.  

There are tons of Hong Kong dim sum here but here are the few we have tried. 

har gaw
Steamed shrimp dumplings (4 for $5.50)

Average. The skin is thicker than I like it to be. 

legendary hong kong food
Rice Roll with Prawns and Chives ($5.50)

Which simply means chee chong fan with prawn. It's so-so anyway.  

Custard Buns

salted egg yolk custard buns
Gooey Custard fillings!

The salted egg custard, if my taste buds did not fail me, is pretty interesting. It is not overwhelming sweet and the salted egg complements the custard well. Cannot find the price for this though, weird. 

Fried rice
Egg White Fried Rice ($13.80) 

I call this the leftover fried rice. The yolks were probably used for the custard buns and the leaves of the vegetables were probably used for some noodles or stuff like that. Without the egg yolk, the fried rice just doesn't taste right. It was as 'fragrant' as I like it to be so you can probably skip this mediocre and slightly pricey dish.

legendary hong kong london roasted duck
BBQ Combo, London Roast Duck + BBQ Pork ($16.80) 

Here is the highlight of the meal: Roasted meat. 
I am not crazy about ducks but this is surprisingly good. Eat everything together, with the fats and skin, it is superb. Legendary Hong Kong's roast duck is Not dry and tasteless like many outside. Serving is a little small so you can get the whole duck if you are going in a bigger group. 

To be honest, I do not fancy the BBQ pork at all. On the menu it is written as 蜜汁, which supposed to be sweet. However, the BBQ pork has this gingerish taste, I am not sure why too. If you are into the whole ginger game, do give this a try. Different but not something I can appreciate. 

Prices of Legendary Hong Kong is very reasonable, service was alright and the place is generally clean and easy to find a seat on a weekday evening. The spread is decent and food is pretty standard. Will probably go back to try some other dishes next time. You can check it out if you are in Jurong area. 

Legendary Hong Kong 

63 Jurong West Central 3,
Provisional Unit #03-80
Jurong Point 2 Shopping Centre
Singapore 64833

Opening hours: 
11am - 10pm daily

For reservations/enquires, please call
+65-6794 1335