Sunday Weekly Bites #14, 23/3/2015

Not going to do the same this week because I just can't. When I was drafting this post in my mind, I realised how negative I sounded - I am busy and I still have to clean the dirty toilet, my wisdom teeth post surgery was horrible, I still have tons of work to do, I am tired, blahblah. 

So I decided to approach from another point of view.

I settled a lot of administrative stuff at home because my family trust me to do it.
I have deadlines, reports, lectures to do and watch because I am blessed to enjoy education.
I worked because I am given the chance to learn something in a more practical setting.
I suffered from muscle aches, bruises and swelling because I am alive enough to feel it.
I cleaned the toilet because I want my home to be a nice place to come back to.
I fell asleep in the living room working on stuff every night because I have a comfortable sofa (and it's 2/3am).
I was given a packet of noodles for free because the uncle was way too kind.
I had probably the most yummy bibimbap yesterday because the cook put his heart into making it.
I met, and going to meet, many friends because they enjoy my company as well.
I can walk home alone in the middle of the night, leave my belonging around, sleep on public transport because I live in a safe country.
I am here writing, editing because I have you guys, patiently waiting for me.

Count thanks, and they will multiply. 


Feeling a little more emotional these days. I am not the only one. We lost one of our greatest leaders, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew on 23/3/2015. It was, and still is, a sad day for Singapore.

I smiled a little every time I answer the 'Where are you from' question. I took this long to register the fact that I am indeed, very proud to live in this tiny, yet prosperous country. This is the country you built for us Mr Lee.  Thank you.

Lee Kuan Yew is Singapore. This is too true.

I am not sure what I can do for this home you painstakingly assembled but I will be the best I can for her. And to anyone reading this, I hope you will too.

So just like the half-risen flag, we grieve. But we have and we will rise back up to where we are supposed to be. For you, for us and for our dear land.

Thank you for everything, You will continue to live in every Singaporean's heart.

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