Sponsored Review: Contours Express Women Gym, Jurong East

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Contours Express - Women-friendly gym

Many feel that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is expensive, tough and time-consuming. I agree, before I try Contours Express.
Moreover, female gyms are the best! I get really uncomfortable in mixed gyms, especially when I want to use the weights/equipments.

Who is Contours Express?

contour express review

Contour Express is a neighbourhood all-women gym catered specially for us ladies. The coaches there will design a workout regime catered to your needs while guiding you along. I especially like the fact that you can probably find an outlet near you! Contour Express branches are commonly found in the less 'urban' areas such as Jurong East, Woodlands, Punggol etc. Their effective and stress-free workout programs only takes you 29 minutes.

Yes you heard me right, all you need is 29 minutes to get in shape. Of course you have to be diligent and watch what you put in your mouth to reach your goal.

What does a typical session looks like?

  • Registration

Which is mandatory. You will be given a form with the usual details (contact info, current health, health of family members and goals) to fill up.

I like the fact that they asked what my goals are before personalising my workout regime for me. If you know me personally you will know I hate my flabby arms the most because they just don’t go away. Hence, I am glad the trainers took my concerns into consideration before planning my routine.

  • Body test

First it is the typical height and weight. I shan’t disclose the figures because well, I am not exactly proud of them LOL. You can probably tell anyway!

Second, they will use a special equipment to measure your body fats and water percentage. It looks like it will hurt but don’t worry! It doesn’t! I was genuinely scared when they said it will hurt a lot haha. #lowpaintolerance

My results:
BMI - 18.9 (Healthy)
Water - 50.5% (Optimal 55-60%)
Body fats - 33.6% (15.1kg fml)

I am pretty surprised my water level is quite high. I don’t drink much water you see.
Body fats percentage is the most embarrassing one. That’s why I told you I am not skinny. I am just tiny, but fat. 19% is excellent and over 25.4% needs improvement, can you see where I stand now?

  • Preparation

There are lockers for you to keep your things in. You can leave your water bottles and shoes there if you intend to work out regularly. Contour Express Jurong East has space for you to keep your stuff.

I changed into my comfy attire and sports shoes in their changing room.

  • Warm up

Warming up is rather easy. All I had to do is cycle for 5 minutes on the bicycle machine. I have to burn a certain amount of calories during the time allocated.

  • 29 minutes circuit training

The circuit training is repeated twice. There is a video playing and every time is sounds, you have to switch to another station. The training alternates between cardio (for your heart, coordination, whole body) and machines (for toning, building strength, targeting certain parts of the body).

contour express
They said I looked too happy for a person exercising LOL

woman work out

toning machine woman

contour express

contour express je

A trainer will be there to guide you! Not to worry!

contour express
And CardioPS: I am quite a joke; can’t coordinate to save my life lol.

  • Warm down

contours express review

Warm down?! Pardon me I really don't know the word for it but you get the drift right. Did some stretching and toning. This is very crucial -  do it correctly and you will be free from muscle ache.

I feel good after my session with them! The intensity was okay, manageable for a weak person like me haha. Andddd we are done! Everything in 29 minutes. It is super express compared to the typical gym sessions right?! You will reap the same benefit despite that. You can stay on to work out a bit more if you wish.


There are quite a handful of equipments for use, plenty of yoga mats, weights and whatnot. Basically it is everything you need in a small compacted place.

Other than this, there is:
1 shower room with basic shampoo and body wash.
1 ladies
1 changing area

There is hair dryer, mirror and hangers to hold your clothes.


Bukit Batok
Choa Chu Kang
Jurong East
Tanjong Pagar
Pasir Ris

Spot one near your place yet?


Why Contours Express?

1. Locations

What's better than the near proximity of the gym? I really don't know.

2. 29 minutes circuit training

All you need is 29 minutes per session to reach the fats burning region. The circuit training is a good mixture of cardio and toning equipments, which is helpful to tone, burn strength and flexibility. Furthermore, the equipments are designed specially for ladies! You will not gain bulky muscles from them.

If you can't even commit 29 minutes of your time, preferably 3 times a week, then you shouldn't complain about your body at all.

3. Ladies only gyms

I find it a tad uncomfortable when I work out in an unisex gym. Moreover, I am not familiar with the equipments at all so I feel stupid fidgeting around. Not a problem at Contours Express.

4. Personlised trainers and workout plan

There are personal trainers in the gym to plan a workout program specially for you and your target. They will be there to guide you along without exerting too much pressure on you, which is perfect. Every 8 weeks (iirc!) they will review your progression and make adjustments according. How personalised can it get? :D

5. Affordable plans

It is a monthly unlimited access membership with price plans from $79 - $109, depending on which plan you take. They have flexible paying schemes as well. Give them a call and the staff will gladly assist you.

6. Long operating hours 

From 1/3/2015, Coutours Express will operate from 6am - 11pm, 7 days a week. It is one of the longest operating gyms in Singapore.  You can go before your work/school or after. Let Contours Express fit into your schedule instead of fitting into the gym's!

PS, note that I went to the branch located in Jurong East. I am entirely sure whether this change in operating hours apply to all outlets. Please give them a call to confirm if you're interested.

7. Other classes

Other than circuit training, weight loss programs and vibration training, Contour Express also conduct various classes (in morning, noon and evening) like Zumba, Kickboxing and even dances like Hip Hop. You are free to join any, according to your timing.

8. Not too crowded

From what I saw, you do not have to queue or wait around for the machine. Since it is a circuit training program, other members shuffle around pretty often. The gym is not overly packed too and the atmosphere is relaxing and good.

But why exactly I find Contours Express, Jurong East, so different from other gyms?

The gym is nothing super outstanding in terms of the equipments and size. It may even pale in comparison to the big, fancy gyms out there in the market but what won me over is the warm hospitality from the trainers there. They guide you along the way but also give you enough room to learn and pick up on your own. They push you to challenge yourself yet they do not force you till you snap.
Furthermore, they know each member’s name. I can’t stress how much I feel about names. Addressing someone by his/her name is such a simple gesture yet a lot of people cannot see the magic it can do to relationships. Kudos to the extra effort and overwhelming passion. I can't say the same for all the branches (I saw good reviews on them though!) but I can vouch for the people I met in Jurong East outlet.

To be honest, I am not the most sociable person you know. I feel awkward most of the time, especially on the first meeting.

However, the warm smiles and friendliness of the trainers made me feel at ease.
The people there really tempt me to go back. I would have join as a paying member if my schedule permits, really!

jjoyis sweety contours express
With my trainer, Sweety!

Register an account with SampleStore and go redeem a free trial. Or you can check out the promotions they have! (you have to pay for them btw).

I will be checking out the outlet in Woodlands with the voucher I am going to redeem! It's near Riverside Sec! SO NEAR. I need to burn away my CNY fats anyway! 

Call 1800 2668687 for more info! 

*Trial is courtesy of Contours Express x Samplestore for my review. All opinions are my own, I am not paid in anyway*